Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Steps To Save Money In The Kitchen

We try to be as frugal as we can and here are a few tips to save money in the kitchen. Some money saving tips for the kitchen you may know, others maybe this will be a first.

We have been so busy around here lately that you often in a rush do what is easiest and not what is the most thrifty thing but I am recommitted to trying to save as much shopping as I can. That means back to the serious coupon clipping.

1. Saving money on dishwasher soap. In our house though, I try to do small things that will save me money in the long run. Can you believe the price of dishwasher tabs?

 I find these Finish tabs work the best to keep that film from building up on my glasses, but they are expensive. Here's a tip, cut them in half. A friend of the family who is an appliance repair man once told me to only use half of the recommended amount of dishwasher detergent. He said it is easier on the dishwasher. My dishes come out clean and I have been doing this for years. I also use vinegar in the rinse holder as well. It helps with spots and to keep your dishwasher deodorized. 

2. Saving Money on Plastic Bags

Do your counters ever look like this? Yes, I re-wash my large Ziploc bags. These babies are so expensive that I wash and rinse them to be able to re-use them. If they had meat in them though I just toss to play it safe.

3. Only Use As Much Dish Soap As You Need To Get Dishes Clean

My mom was very poor growing up and therefore a frugal housewife in her own home. She always said only use as a small squirt of dish soap. Use elbow grease to scrub the dishes.

4. Don't Let The Water Run While Washing Dishes.

Makes sense. They say to really save on water while washing dishes, wash your dishes like you are camping. Get some hot soapy water in your sink, scrub and then rinse as much at one time as you can.


  1. Heeheehee, I thought washing and saving ziplock bags was my little secret!!! Glad to see I'm not the only one!

  2. I too wash and re-use zip-lock bags but totally agree never one with meat or chicken, those I toss. But to use the expensive large freezer bags, I first portion out my meats/ chicken and then put in smaller non freezer bags and then insert those smaller bags into the large expensive freezer bags! Congratulations on your coupon savings and thanks for the tip on cutting dishwasher disk in half... gonna do that. Hugs, Diane

  3. Thanks for the tip about the dishwasher. I'll definitely use it when I'm back home where I have a dishwasher! I've been washing my ziplock bags for years too - but never the ones that had meat in them.

  4. Good tip for the dishwasher. I use mine only when having company, as I seem to prefer to wash the days dishes by hand. There was a time however, when our kids were young that I ran that thing twice a day. After breakfast, and again at night!
    I am big on coupons too. I have also been known to reuse large ziplocks!!

  5. Good saving ideas! I never used our dishwasher, so we took it out and put in much needed storage space. I reuse large and small plastic bags. I buy the heavy freezer bags, and they seem to last forever.

  6. I just hosted a little couponing/savings workshop for about 10 of my friends who are interested in knowing my tips & tricks. I shared about washing & reusing cool whip bowls, deli containers, etc. I especially save up a stash before camping season ...I can use & toss them afterward for less dishwashing in the camper. You are completely right ... it's definitely the little things that add up to big savings.

  7. The dishwasher buy told me to only use one Tbsp. of dish detergent or 1/2 a tablet. I find that Jet Dry works the best to keep my glasses and dishes sparkling.

  8. We wash our ziploc bags too, I wish we had coupons here in Australis, but we dont. Can't complain though as often products i am planning to buy are on special or 2 for __ deals. Have been meaning to try vinegar in the dishwasher ...

  9. I use vinegar in the rinse cycle, too. It's definitely as effective as Jet Dry for me. Gotta find those little things that save!

  10. Hi! I never ever let the water run while washing dishes. We live in area that used to have summer water shortage and we are raised to save water. I also wash zip bags. I use them for vegetables mostly. I deep freeze meat in cheap ones and discart them later on. Also, i always rinse dirty dishes in pot of water and use only half of tablet. I have heard of using vinegar insted of rinser, but I never used it so. I am definitly going to use vinegar more often! Thanks for this post, I am glad to see that other people think the same, so I am not nuts 😊