Saturday, May 14, 2011

Questions for Bloggers #2

**Due to all the blogger problems this week my post has come back up but not any of your comments. I did not remove them, blogger did.  Bummer.
Such a great response to my first question. Thanks everyone! I see that I feel pretty similar to most bloggers about the time they spend blogging. On to question #2.

Do you respond to all the comments you get and do you manage to visit all the bloggers that visit you?

Okay, I hope I am not breaking some major blogger etiquette if there is such a thing, but my answer is no. I don't. I used to be able to in the beginning as I only had a few comments here and there but now that my blog has grown a little I just don't have the time. Is this terrible? I hope I am not the only one. I just don't know how you could and still have time to shower and eat everyday.
What I do is to respond to anyone that asks me a question and whose comments are something I feel compelled to respond to. I try to visit new visitors and check out their blogs. I have a contact me button so someone could e-mail me if they want to. Of course I want to still have time to blog hop and visit those favorites that I drew me to blogging.
I want to maintain balance in blogging and not feel as if it is a chore. If I don't have time, I don't have time. I feel my main purpose is to continue to enjoy blogging as I do it as a hobby. Life is stressful enough and I don't want to add to it with my blog. Let me know how you feel about it.


  1. ok yes I do email all my comments, and I do visit thier blogs...maybe not on the same day..BUT I dont get that many comments so its easy for me..but if I got a ton I think I still would email each one...I guess I figure if they took the time to comment I can take the time to answer:)
    I have found some great blogs that way:)

  2. I will be honest...I am guilty of not responding back. Though I have been trying hard to keep up and be polite weather it is a comment on their blog back or a quick note replied through e-mail. There just have been some hard times when I blog, I am a full time mother, wife and teacher to my kids, running errands, shopping, cooking let alone keeping the house up, I have neglegted the comments I got. But thinking at how they take their time to stop by and leave a comment pricks my concience and heart therefore I have been trying to return them out of kindness and of course I would want them to come back. Hope your good...Hugs,Mica

  3. Oh and by the way...If it is getting in the way when you don't have time I hope you could just move on without obligation....that is okay too...maybe just pop in to a few of your fave blogs and leave comments and try to answer some as they come when you can...this is supposed to be fun, not a chore..Okay, I hope that helps...Mica (again)

  4. Great idea to have these blogging questions. Sorry I missed the first one. I have the comments sent to my email address, so I keep them there until I get a chance to get back to new readers. I only post once or twice a week though, so that helps. It gives me the rest of the week to try and get back to comments made. However, on weeks like this one (I've haven't been online much), I don't keep up as well. It just depends on what is going on with my family, I guess :-)

  5. I too have comments sent to my email. I respond to all that have emails attached. I only blog 2 times a week. the rest of the week I visit and respond to emails.
    I am not perfect I do have times I can't get to everyone. But if they take the time I want to take the time.

  6. I've been blogging for almost three years now and I used to answer each of my comments. They all go to my email which is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier to answer. Some of the comments that are left behind state 'non reply back' which means I can't get to them. So I either visit them at their blog to let them know I appreciate their visit, or I will answer them back on the comment section of my blog (and hope they visit back).

    I don't answer all my comments back (like you, I answer back to those that have left a particular question or such)..I try to visit those that have visited me (time permitting though).

    Since I've been blogging for some time, and have seen other bloggers also..when you start getting over a certain amount of comments on your posts (mine haven't been that overwhelming) CAN'T answer back to all of them.

    Think about it, some get over 200 comments. Can you imagine the time it would take to answer all those emails back?

    Sure it can be done!

    What's the cost though?

    Right.....I've always said blogging could be a full time


  7. I am always thrilled whenever I receive comments from a new visitor. I always find time to visit and know them. Doing this routine, consumes time. But since I love blogging, I barely notice the time I consume in doing this. ;-)

    Though I have other things to do online, I try to allocate my time properly. I devote time to blog hop and explore other people's blog too. I guess I really love blogging so I never felt that it is really a chore. It's something I want and love to do.

  8. I work really hard to visit people who visit me, and try to leave encouraging comments often. It's my own value, and I like it.

  9. I don't respond to every comment, just ones that ask a question. But I visit each new commenter. And I comment all the time on the blogs I follow, as you know:)

    Thanks for these questions. Since I am new to blogging, I find it helpful to see what others are doing.

  10. I do not always have the time to respond to every comment, but I do try my best to visit their blog and comment occasionally. I do appreciate my followers and their comments, and do my best to let them know it :) but time does not always permit.
    Love what your doing with the questions here. Love knowing how everybody else feels. Thanks

  11. I almost always respond to my comments, but I do not always visit the other blogs every time there is a new post unless it is one of my friends' blogs. I just do not have the time. I need to try and visit linky party blogs, because I almost think it is rude not to do so. That is why I am starting to limit my linky party participations.

  12. I try and answer all comments,and I'm tickled with new followers,and I always follow back.

    I enjoy blogging,and have ton's of fun,that's what it's all about for me,don't want to make a job out of it,but I've only got a few followers and few comments on each post,but it delights me when someone takes the time to comment and I sure want to reply.
    My thinkin' is if you host a linky party,as a gracious host you should always comment on the bloggers that take the time to: write/take photo's/publish/and link-up to there party!
    Most hostess will but some don't,because they say there are so many bloggers linkin' and the hostess doesn't have the time.My thinking is if ya host a linky-party,be gracious,and try to visit and comment on the post,some bloggers really take lots of time and effort on post.
    To answer the question,yes I try,but I'm stay-at-home wife,I HAVE THE TIME.AND IT'S FUN!

  13. In the beginning I did respond to every comment. Communication and interaction is why I blog. If a specific question is asked I do respond on their blog the answer, and sometimes also on my own.It makes more sense to me to go to their blog and answer the question they asked, making it more personal.

    I do not comment on every blog I follow. And it is polite I think to just drop somebody a quick note when they take the time to comment, especially the new friends. I think you have a handle on it...perspective and balance....otherwise it is work..

  14. I also have all my comments emailed to me! I made a file and if I can't get to the blog that day I save it and get to it that week. If the comment is from one of my regular blogs...I only comment once a week. I know it can be time consuming, but when they are in email, it is just so easy to do!!

  15. Hi SunnySimple Life,

    I try to respond to comments. I feel if the person took the time to comment, the least I can do is reply back.

    I limit my blogging and computer time these days to 1 and 1/2 hours at the most. Some days, I don't even turn it on.

  16. I go to all the blogs of the people who leave comments on my post. I don't always answer by e-mail...sometimes I just leave a comment on their blog. I don't get as many comments though and I do love hearing from I always visit those who visit me.

  17. I would love to be better about responding to comments. I will most of the time reply from my email. Sometimes I will go back to my post and respond. I always try to find the blogs of those who follow me and comment on one of their posts. I am only a year into this blogging thing and am so appreciative to everyone who takes the time to read my blog.