Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hard Labor

Today I ordered myself to hard labor. Because hubby is out of town and my oldest just no longer is here to do the lawn mowing, I have sort of taken over this chore. Now if you know me you know I prefer yard work to housework any day. So today at 9:00 am I put on my grubbies and started my outdoor chores. I mowed and edged the front and back lawns. Blew everything off with my blower and let me just say, best yard tool I have ever bought. I then blew out the garage, put away all the summer camping gear, pulled out all the fall bins and then finished with bathing the dog. I was already very gross so I figured what the heck.

After four and a half ours of dirt and sweat, I finally made it in. I think one reason I love yard work and outdoor chores is that the final product tends to stay nicer for a longer period of time. When you do indoor chores you can leave a room and find a brand new mess in the next room. Any amount of cleaning in a home with kids is short-lived. Thankfully two of my bigger girls were home today and could get the house in order while I worked outside.

I don't know if anyone noticed but my oldest daughter left me a comment on my last post. I wanted to share. Her and I are very alike and have always had a very lively relationship. We both say what is on our minds and that can be good or bad depending on the topic. She is house sitting this week and stopped by after a very rough day at the hospital on Tuesday. She needed to cry and then be put back together again. Nursing is such a stressful line of work and I know she will be great but the successes and tragedies are very great when you are working with people's lives. Her ability to do this job garners my up most respect as I could never in a million years do what she is doing. Here is her comment:

You know mom I don't think I ever tell you how awesome you really are. I know we butt heads and argue, but you're my inspiration to work so hard and reading your writing...kind of chokes me up sometimes. Thank you for always trying to teach me to be content and thankful for everything (even nursing school)You are the best. ~Audrey

Now if that doesn't choke me up, then what will. Life is stressful sometimes and around here it has been just that the last couple of weeks. My 3rd daughter had to have some tests to see about a lump she had. I refused to even go to the possibilities in my mind. I just couldn't. I am so very thankful today to tell you all that the doctor called and it was benign but she will have to have it looked at in 6 months just to make sure there are no changes.

Well, I have said enough. Kids bring great joy and also great amounts of worry. I envy the parent that never seems to worry if there is such a creature. I my friends, am not. Thank God for a spouse and family to support me and each other. Blessings for a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. We are so alike, you and I. I would have done the same thing with the yards, and then continued on with anything else that needed doing while I was so dirty! Your daughter's words are a gift. Often times, motherhood, or parenthood really, is such a thankless job. But when our off spring begin to realize the sacrifices we parents make, and then appreciate them, well, it is a beautiful thing. Pat yourself on the back Mama!
    And thank God that the lump is B9!!

  2. I am so glad your daughter got good news today! I have been a nurse for 31 years...and to this day it is like everything else, you have your good days and you have your bad days. But you do appreciate what you have when you see others not as fortunate. i hope your daughter will love the profession.

  3. We are indeed cut from the same cloth! :o) I love getting out there in the yard, working hard and sitting back to admire the results. :o) I giggled about washing the dog, because that is something I would do. :o)
    What words to treasure, from your daughter. You are a blessed mom. :o)

  4. I would much rather spend time working outdoors than in (except cooking/baking) anyday! There is a peace that comes with it for me.

    SO happy your daughter's results were good! Yay!

  5. Your daughter's comment is so touching, Elaine. Thanks for sharing it with us because I missed it. I have been worrying too much lately about my kids, and I guess I need to focus more on what these girls are going to carry with them into eternity than worrying about things I cannot change. I know working outside (in your grubbies, LOL) was good for you. It is rewarding, and sometimes hard work is the best stress reliever there is!

    Fantastic post, and I am grateful for your unique post and for being you, Elaine.

    Ricki Jill

  6. As moms we hope they get nice to hear your daughter confirm it! I know exactly what you mean about yardwork it does stay nice so much longer. I'm glad your daughter is fine. Patty

  7. Bless your heart having to deal with your daughter's scary lump all this time. So glad it's all good, big sigh of relief. Your daughter's words were so sweet, we all need that every once in a while. Enjoy your yard.

  8. I used to enjoy outside work more than inside, but it seems I have shifted more to the indoor work. What a nice thing for your daughter to write for you. When they were little they always found a way to tug at the heart string, its gets less often as they age, but is more heart felt.