Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Extending the Life of Your Favorite Candles

How to make your candles last longer.

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I love to burn candles and melts so my home smells nice and especially love the seasonal candles. Looking at  the wax at the bottom of a candle that would no longer burn gave me an idea. I thought what if I could get that out and use in my warmer thingy. So I did just that and it worked wonderfully. I just took a knife to the last bit of candle wax and broke it all up.

Then I grabbed one of my warmer melt things. What do you call these anyway? Just poured the pieces in and lit a candle underneath and wah-lah!

Worked great and is still giving me great scent when I light it two weeks later. Why had I not thought of this before? I even used some in my Scentsy warmer and that worked great as well.


  1. Now why didn't I think of that??? LOL

  2. Great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I've done that before! It does work good.

  4. That is a great idea...I will try to remember that...I do keep my candles in the refrigerator....that seems to help them last longer also!!

  5. Yep... I do that too! Works great! :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  6. YOU are brilliant! Just to think of all of those end of the candles I have tossed out!!!!
    EXCELLENT idea!!! Thank you!

  7. Future tip for you, pop the candle in the freezer for a few hours and it comes out of the jars beautifully!

  8. Whaaa... I thought I had 'invented' this. Cause I'm so 'frugal' LOL
    Have a happy day !

  9. I do that a lot. I am very frugal and why waste that awesome scent. You have my favorite candle pictured there. I just love Country Store!! Enjoy your wonderfully scented home ~Sara

  10. What a great idea! I will try this next time!
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Thanks for the idea! I just bought some "pecan pie" scented candles at wallyworld yesterday, they smelled so good I wanted to eat them. LOL Also a "mulled cider" one that smelled good, too.

  12. That makes so much sense - great tip!

  13. Yep- I do that too! I always thought it was because I am cheap...maybe it's because I am smart like you! xo Diana

  14. Oh, you're clever, you are!

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  15. oh I can smell that candle all the way over at my house :))

    Happy Redensday!

    Kay Ellen

  16. Why, they are called warmer melt thingies, of course!

    And this idea is a big old KEEPER. Thank you!

  17. love this idea. Thanks for sharing it.