Sunday, December 25, 2011


Are you feeling it? The post Christmas, almost New Year itch to tidy things up. Make your home better, more organized and streamlined. Maybe it is the influx of all the new stuff that just came into it. Toys for our youngest, new games and pretties for our older girls, but something about this time of year inspires me to want to really organize some of our spaces.

All the photos are ideas I have found for specific areas in our home. Love this first one and already hung my own version in our bathroom. I will have to share a photo later of that. With four daughters and millions of bottles of hair product in their bathroom, one must get creative with where to store all those bottles.
I hung a wire basket but love this photo's idea too.

Would really like to come up with some better under the bed storage than the usual plastic boxes. Love the wheels on this one and the chalkboard label.

I can't tell you the number of game systems in our house but they are often on my den floor. This deep ottoman storage unit would be great for storing the ones the kids use most often in our den.

I have a very teeny weeny pantry and would love to get it more efficient. It is pretty organized but I would love more food storage containers to prevent things from going stale and to stockpile more canned goods in the same amount of space. These types of containers can be spendy though.

I really want to better utilize the space in my service porch where I have my mom's old table with my microwave on it. Here I have this whole vertical space, but am not using it as well as it could be. A tall storage unit with shelving would be perfect for things like packages of paper towels. The amount of space not being used is killing me. Love all the organized dishes here. See the bags for the stacks of plates. I would have never thought of this.


  1. YES! I DO have the urge to start tidying, reorganising, etc. I thought it was just me.

    Haven't got time to read the whole post this morning, but I'll be back for a better look later on. xx

  2. wow, what great ideas. sure hope you can use them within your home. i love the ottoman idea. love ideas that are multi use items... so smart. get rid of the mess & tuck it away for other not to see. then when you need it ... there it is for you. (:

  3. Omgosh...I thought that I was the only one who felt that way. I am ready to clean, paint and organize. Merry Christmas.

  4. Yes, Yes and Yes I definitely feel that way. Probably will get started somewhere around here tomorrow ;-)

  5. That is my goal for the New Year. I need to get into our basement and start sorting and donating or storing in a proper manner.

    Love your ideas here. I woke up wondering if it is too early to start today!;>) is...xo Diana

  6. My mind has been clinging to these kind of ideas as well...I am on a organizing bing and I sure hope I can keep it this way....YES...I am ready to get it all put away and cleaned up.
    Thanks for sharing these great suggestions..
    Have a great day....

  7. I LOVE the tall vertical space!! and the ottoman with the storage, I really want one of those!!!! heres to a better organized 2012!!!! cheers!

  8. That's all I can think of this morning! Love our Christmas decorations but once I get them down and everything organized, the more calm things will become. Love your ideas in this post.

  9. Yes, the cleaning bug has hit :) I hope your Christmas was wonderful!!

  10. Great storage/organizing ideas but the organizing bug has not hit me yet...I'm holding off until after the first of the year to even start thinking about it! :)
    Seeing the storage piece under the bed reminded me of where I had seen someone using old chest drawers. All that had to be added were the wheels. The drawer pulls were already in place.

  11. beautiful organizing ideas, I really like the bucket idea, really smart,

  12. I have been a cleaning fool this past week! One thing leads to another and I just get on a roll. Visiting from Naps! Blessings, Steph.