Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Easing Cold Symptoms

Tips to ease cold symptoms naturally.
As is typical for this time of year we have a cold virus making its way through our house. Seems one at a time  everyone is waking up with that darn cold. I want to share my way of fighting the cold tooth and nail. I refuse to just give in a get the darn thing. It started a  few years ago with visit to a naturopath. She was so informative and one area she covered was how to fight off a cold or virus or at least minimize it.
I'll preface her words with this. Since following her advice, I have had only the most minor of cold for about the last three years. A mild sore throat, a little sniffle but not the full blown cold my husband is having right now as he refuses to follow my advice. Maybe coincidence but it can't hurt to give your system a boost.

Now she said it is very important to take these steps at the first sign of any kind of cold or flu.
The first feeling of a cold you should get home when you can and if you can get to bed early, follow these steps. First make yourself a cup of some thing hot like tea. 

 Take it to your bath and fill a nice hot bath. Get in and have a good soak. Drink your hot tea and really get your body temp up good and warm. As soon as you get out put on your warmest jammies or sweats and then climb into bed to keep your body temp up as long as possible. This is to help your body fight any virus that is lurking.

Next get yourself some of these zinc lozenges and suck on them throughout the day. I will even start on these if the kids get sick and the germ is in the house.

Of course if you or your family isn't feeling well, a pot of  Homemade Chicken Soup is in order. I made some 
before my daughter had her wisdom teeth removed and she has been eating it like mad. Of course I chopped everything really fine for her. Boil those bones good and long to get all the good stuff out of the chicken.
I also like to use my all purpose alcohol spray cleaner on all the surfaces around the house that everyone touches. It dries quickly and is less harsh than using bleach to disinfect.


  1. Feel better soon! I know you will, with all your preventative measures. Chicken soup is a real cure all, I think!

  2. I am perfectly evangelical about the Netti Pot Elaine and use mine every day and hardly ever get upper respiratory infections. Saline mist is not the same. I do believe in all you have stated as well. Hope you get better. That is my RN two cents.

  3. Hi Elaine!

    Love your post - I'm going to copy these ideas and keep them near my cold medicine!


  4. Ah yes, I have a cold. I was fighting it with Airborne and it was keeping it in check. But then I spent time with my really snotty little gandsons and got the cold!! I suppose I should have kept taking the airborne because it always helps shorted my colds, but I gave up and gave in---I thought I was getting over it and today the congestion is back a bit more heavy. I have heard that if you have a temperature it helps kill the germs ;-), so perhaps that is why a hot bath etc help.

  5. Ps. I meant to add that some of us can't take the Zinc because it upsets the stomach--I know I can't!

  6. That sounds like rally good advise, Elaine. I will remember that for the next time I feel one coming on. Thanks so much.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Great ideas. I know that the zinc lozenges work for me.

  8. I truely believe in theings like this. I usually can fight off a cold with Airborne or Vitamin C. I can take 3 vitamin C's and a glass of water a few times and the cold is gone or very slight.

    Dr Oz was saying the other day that the best thing to do to fight off a cold is to take Elderberry juice and zinc. I have a friend who uses Elderberry Concentrate from a local winery and even if a customer comes in her shop with a cold, she doesn't get it.

    Elderberries have wonderful benefits. You can buy it from Wildewood Cellers in Mulvane, Ks

    I usually can fight off a cold but didn't do so well this time. I am still so miserable with the one I got from my grandbabies.

    Thank you for sharing

  9. sorry you are sick. The bath, ginger tea, hot chicken soup are just what the dr. ordered. Feel better soon. Blessings to you.

  10. what good ideas for keeping away a cold... i need to keep that in notebook for right before i get sick. that chicken soup looks delicious. need to write that recipe down. yummy. it is 38 degrees here in VA. & very windy. brrr. maybe flurries tomorrow. we will see??! (:

  11. I have really enjoyed the information and your soothing pictures here. I agree these things help to comfort the body and soul! Ha, I love the tea and bath idea for any night of the week.
    So sorry to hear you're sick...I pray for a fast recovery!
    Leslie :)

  12. That tea looks good. I have not tried it yet! I will definitely take your advice and stock up on zinc lozenges. Thanks for the informative post, Elaine!


  13. That is great advice. I have been seeing in the news that a temp is a good thing. It helps fight colds. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  14. Great post! I think drinking tea is an excellent way to fight cold symptoms!

    Elberderry tea is quite good, but I just love rosehip tea! Have you ever tried it Elaine?

    It's quite good and it is rich and vitamins, specially Vitamin C, calcium, tannins, flavonoids or carotenoids!

    It has helped me a lot not only to boost my immune system, but also to treat digestive problems!

    I hope everyone is feeling better at your place!