Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet the Girls

Okay first I apologize for all the chick photos but you know how it is when you get something new. You just want to share it. Anyway I thought I would introduce them properly. First a disclaimer. I allowed the girls to each name one and that was sort of a mistake. Instead of cute chicken names, I got some real doozies. You will see.

They slept so soundly last night. This morning I put some fresh paper down in their box and then when I was done taking some photos they got a nice thick layer of pine.

First off is Henrietta. My oldest took pity on me and gave hers a good chicken name. She is quickly becoming my favorite. She is mello and just cute as a bug.

Here she is on my lap contemplating the floor.

Then there is Illidan. Named after some video game character. She will be Illy for short.

Then there is Ragnarok. Another crazy video game name. She will be Rocky. She is feisty and already trying to fly.

Then there is Flower Muffin. Named by guess who? She will be named Muffin for short

Oh isn't she cute.

Okay I won't show any more pics for at least a day or two.


  1. Your chicks are adorable. We got six last year and they are my best friends. What kind are they?

  2. Oh Elaine, show more photos! Show LOTS of them. The girls are a darling lot. Just absolutely adorable. Peep peep peep, peep peep peep. Susan

  3. Henriettta , the cutest name ever. They are all so adorable. A proud mama indeed.

  4. Those are fantastic names!!!! I let my three grands each name a chick. This is how we got "HAM" (perfect if you ask me....Ham and eggs go together as we all know!) Then there is Sammy. And Chickas. I named the other three...Beatrice, or Bea for short, Matilda, or Tillie for short. Happy chicken farming Elaine!!!!
    : ) Kris

  5. Awwwwww they are adorable!!!
    now, I WANT A CHICKEN!!!!!! lol

    Have a great Sunday

  6. They are cute! Love the! Ok I want more chick photos!!

  7. I think this is the season for showing Baby chicks and all, it really couldn't be any more "Easter" could it? They are adorable. Just starting to get their real little feathers.

  8. I like seeing their pictures!
    And the nick names are great actually. They are so adorable.

  9. They are so cute! Love their names. I think I like Flower Muffin's name the most. Have fun.

  10. Elaine, they are so cute! Love seeing the pictures!

  11. You just keep posting chicky pics! I love them!

  12. Before I got my chicks I spent hours on the internet watching people's chicken-cams (webcams for chicken coops) -- my husband thought that was beyond lame!

    I also let my 3 still at home girls name 3 of the chickens, so we ended up with Esther (which I picked), Nellie (now deceased, that the then 8 yr old named), Gwynno (named by the then 12 yr old who was obsessed with all things Welsh), and Cleopatra Oreo (deceased, named by the then 18 yr old. Our slightly younger replacement chicken is named Pomegranite -- named by two younger girls. I think chicken names are an art form. If I was naming some today I would name them Chickamauga, Chickahomany, and Chickenoodle (other days I come up with other names).

  13. Good Morning Elaine Sweetie...
    Oh how beautiful the girls are. You are going to have so much fun. I can't wait to see photos as they grow along the way. We will be amazed at how much they change in a few days.

    Thank you for sharing them with me. Living in the big city, I miss out on some of the Country pleasures. Have a glorious Sunday sweetie.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  14. Show me all the pics you like, they are adorable...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. The first year we got chicks my daughter handled them quite a bit. And they are easier to handle and have better temperments as adults. The next year we got another batch of chicks but they weren't handled as much and you can tell now that they're adults. So my advice is to handle them a lot. They just turn out sweeter. Of course that probably won't be problem with chicks. Who can resist such cuteness. I wish we could get more chicks but we have six hens that are all laying well. We often times have way too many eggs.

  16. You need to share you chick pics with us as some of us cannot have chickens and enjoy living through others. And I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud with the original names for your chicks...should be fun to see if their personalities match!

  17. oh, we need to move so that we can have some chickens ... our neighborhood will not allow farmer animals. only like cats & dogs. boo, boo, hiss, hiss. boring. (:

  18. Oh Elaine!
    some cute names.

    thanks for coming over and seeing our chicks...One thing I forgot to tell you--ours will be going in the freezer. (sorry to any of your squeamish readers)
    We're only keeping three to add to my flock.
    I'll name them at that time.
    In the mean time their names go something like this...

    chicken Noodle
    chicken Tetrazzini
    chicken Enchilada get the picture!


  19. Hello Elaine,

    Love, love, love these girls!
    I had one yellow a long time ago...


  20. Good morning, when we got our first 12 they didn't get names. Then when they were replaced my daughter had been born and she wanted to name them all Polly! Saved a lot of trouble remembering who was who! Click away, we would love to see pics of them growing up! Enjoy...

  21. Oh my goodness they are darling! And their names too! I have wanted chickens forever but 'tis not to be.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  22. I love feed and seed stores in the spring because of the baby chicks and ducks. I was in Tractor Supply a few days ago and at the check-out I heard the familar "peep,peep". I ask if the chicks were in and when the clerk said "yes" I took off to the back of the store to see them. So, so cute and fluffy.

    Take more pictures. I'll be back.

  23. Your flock of chicks are adorable and I think their names and nicknames will work nicely.

  24. No!!! Please do share more photos! I would so love to have some chickens and I love the fact that I can follow yours as they mature. As for the names - they are perfect and reflections of those who named them. Just be grateful one of them is not "Bella". (Altho I love that name) Ann

  25. They are adorable! I so wish I could have some ;( This is what I get for living in town!

    Can't wait to watch them grow..
    have a good week

  26. Oh how precious!! Gosh they are so cute!!
    We loved having our four girls. They were so much fun!! :o) Maybe next spring we can bring more little chicks home. :o)
    Have a great week. :o)

  27. Those are cute, cute, cute!!! Don't apologize for those little darlings. And the names are wonderful. You are truly an old fashioned gal.:)
    Hugs, Cindy

  28. I love your chickies, they're adorable, and cute names, too :) Last week we visited my cousin's new chickies and got to hold them, it was awesome, so I know you are loving yours. Hugs ~ Mary

  29. You can outdo us all now on Easter vignettes! We can't compete with those adorable, real chicks. lol ~ Maureen

  30. They are so cute...I don't think you could show too many pictures!! I love them!!

  31. Oh my gosh, you can show as many as you want. I love them! So adorable!

  32. Oh Elaine, keep the pics comin.....they are so cute!


  33. Gorgeous, each & every one of them, but I think Henrietta would be my favourite.

  34. I've always wanted chicks but here in the city--not gonna happen. So many people say they make fantastic pets. have fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  35. Aww, they are adorable. What are ya gonna do with the game names... lol. My kids did that too with our new kitties, much to my chagrin we had a Loki and Banjo Kazooy... lol. I got over it quickly :o)

  36. ROTFLOL I think Princess Q needs to name all pets from now on. When I am Queen of the World, she will be Mistress of the Pet Naming Ministry. ;P