Monday, March 19, 2012

Strawberries, Greens and Gifts

When I went shopping with the gals a couple of weeks ago I picked up this strawberry sugar and creamer for $5. I thought that a fair price and I just love it for spring.

I had to have these salt and pepper shakers too. Aren't they they cutest?

A little tin I received as a gift. I have always collected things with chickens and roosters on them. Now I am sure that will continue with the addition of my own chicks. I held each one today while I was watching T.V. One of them just settled right down and snoozed. It was probably very warm for her.

Boy it was so cold here today. We found out that right after we left the party last night that it started to snow where he had been about an hour later. Brr. I braved the cold this afternoon to run out and snip the first greens to saute with some veggies tonight.
Their colors are so brilliant. Blue kale and Swiss chard.

In a word...scrumptious. They were so tasty and fresh.

Okay, you knew I couldn't not show you a new pic of the girls. Today Q and sat in the bathroom where I have them and let them wander a little on the floor. She was giving them some chick food and they were just pecking all over. They are so funny always staying together. No one wanders off from the group. We have been a little worried about Illy the grey one in front but she seemed perfectly fine today. I called my blogging buddy Kris yesterday all worried about her but after talking to the feed store they said just keep her in there with the others and that some are just not 100% and that is why you buy extra. I am already attached to them so I hope she makes it okay.

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  1. I remember the heartbreak that Kris went through with her chicks. Hope all yours remain healthy and happy. They are so darling!

  2. Hi Elaine,
    The picture of Q with the chicks is adorable! What fun to share this hobby with her. Your purchases were really awesome I love the salt and pepper shakers with the ladybug, of course I would.
    Hope you and Q have a wonderful day!
    Ladybug Cottage

  3. I am so glad she is doing better!!! This is such a great experience, not only for you, but for the kids too. Especially Q!!!!
    Your greens looked wonderful!!!
    I am eager to get my garden in!
    XO Kris

  4. Looks like I have your weather and you have mine. I got a bit of sunburn working in the yard yesterday. The pic of your little one and the chicks is so sweet! ~ Maureen

  5. Q and the chicks are so cute. How fun. Love the salt shaker sets also, way too cute, and the tin is perfect. Hugs, Marty

  6. Hope all your baby chicks stay healthy and some day produce wonderful eggs! They are so darn cute!

  7. Aw. Your girls are so sweet. Even when they are older they will stick together. They are so funny that way. :o) And they tuck themselves in at night to sleep. :o)
    Your goodies are so pretty. What a fun little salt and pepper shaker! :o)
    Have a great week. Hugs, Trish

  8. Whew....those greens look great!
    You found yourself some darling little shakers and I agree, they are great for the season.
    You also have some precious GIRLS!

  9. Hi Elaine
    I love your sugar and creamer, and the cruet is gorgeous! I love roosters too - your tin is great. I'm green with envy over the chicks, I'd love some but just do not have the room in our tiny gardens...
    Anyway, thank you for such a sweet comment, and welcome as a follower - great to see you :o)
    Have a brilliant week.
    Rose H

  10. Q is adorable!

    Loved your blog and esp. the blog title :)

  11. Hello Elaine,

    Love, love, love this post! Adorable girls, the blondie and the feathered ones...:o)
    I hope you join my giveaway!


  12. Hi, I love your little chickens...they are so cute! I want some so bad but I think with all my cats they might not do "well". Have a happy day!

  13. Great photos!! And we all need a few house chicks. They're adorable!

  14. I love your chicks! What a precious pic of them with Q!

  15. Q and the chicks are darling.

  16. Awwww.. I just love the chickens!!!
    Great finds, the strawberries are adorable. I also love that enamel pitcher.. super pretty!
    Happy Tuesday

  17. The sugar and creamer are adorable! And the little chicks look bigger.

    I am hosting a spring giveaway tomorrow. I hope you will drop by!


  18. Awww, I want some chicks! Love all of your new finds, especially the strawberry sugar and creamer!

  19. Ahhh, they're so cute and especially with your little one.
    Your red strawberry creamer and sugar are so pretty! I love them.
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. I love your sweet strawberry sugar and creamer. They make me think of summer and lots of fresh berries. I remember when an owl got one of my daughter's chickens. They were out late and didn't get them put back in the coop early enough. It was extremely traumatic. Hope all your sweet little baby chicks are okay.

  21. Aren't they precious and so is that little girl! I love your thrift finds! Great colors too!

  22. I love your milk jug and sugar bowl! They are so cute! Salt and pepar mushrooms, I too have. I wish you a wonderful weekend! Zinnia

  23. I am amazed at the vast difference in the weather from place to place! We're experiencing record warm weather here! I'd just love a plate of those fresh sauteed veggies - yum! Q and the chicks - just to precious! There goes my heart! thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,