Saturday, June 9, 2012


What are you up to this Saturday? Hubby and I are heading to breakfast ALONE at our favorite restaurant for breakfast food of course.
Then it is off to Home Depot for a few things to finish up the new coop.
Noticed a farm theme growing in the house. Mr. Sunny decorator gathered up some farmy things in my little cabinet. The cow bell on top was from my dad's farm when he was a boy.

Chickens of course.

Here are the girls right now. As I am having coffee at my new computer space, the chickens always come up and peck my window.

Crazy animal antics. This cat loves to lay upon my sleeping daughter. He is the king of his castle.

This is a favorite breakfast lately. Eggs in a basket or something like that. I cut a whole in the bread, butter the pan well and drop the bread in and crack an egg in the center. Cook for a few minutes and then turn over with a little more butter. Mmm morning sunshine.

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to join me tomorrow morning for Sunny Simple Sundays. Let's hope this newb can get the party started without a hitch. If you haven't joined a blog link party I will put some simple directions up for you. Fewest steps as possible is what I am after.


  1. Have a great weekend! My cat does the same to me.

  2. Sounds like a fun morning with your hubby! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I love that the chickens come to peck at your window, I think chickens are a lot smarter than people think or give credit too!
    We call the breakfast dish you made, "egg in the hole" , its been a big fav in this family for 36 years, thats a whole lot of "egg in the hole", ha ha, have a wonderful Saturday!!

  4. Looking forward to your party and love the cute cabinet with chickens.

  5. Good morning. My Snacker used to follow me to the slider and wait patiently at the door for my return. I miss that. My girls rarely make it all the way up to the house, but they explore every inch of this acre lot!!!
    We do egg in the hole here all the time. A favorite for sure!!!
    Have a great day!
    : ) K

  6. Sounds like your weekend is off to a great start....blessings

  7. I saw the cutest rooster wind chimes today at a wine and art festival. I bought the dog ones. Will post soon. I thought of all my rooster/chicken loving bloggers when I saw them.

  8. Mmmm...had eggs in a basket this week! My little Bree LOVES 'em.
    I like the chickens! Everything looks great.

    Had breakfast with the hubby myself and with my daughter, SIL and lil Bree! Such fun.

    Have a great week-- hope to have something for the party tomorrow. Something Simple :)

  9. Staying in with the whole chickens and breakfast theme: our favorite breakfast place is a restuarant called Wild Eggs! Every delicious egg dish imaginable, freshly squeezed oj, and even a breakfast hotbrown. YUM! I hope ya'll had a nice morning together. :)

  10. I love eggs in a basket, too, but I don't get them often unless I make gluten free bread. So do the hens want your attention? Is that why they peck at the window? I like your little vignette...too cute, Elaine!

    I hope you and Mr. Sunny enjoyed your breakfast date!

  11. Love those chickens! and what a cute lamp at the end of the post. :-)

  12. I'm reminded of my maternal grandfather's favorite breakfast: Toast (butter and jelly) with a fried egg placed on top.

  13. When my children were little, they LOVED these and we called them Toad in a Hole. not sure why...but they are good.
    I will link with you in the morning for your party.:)

  14. Love the sweet cupboard - and the display of course :o)

  15. Eggs in the Middle was our go to breakfast for our kiddos every Sunday morning. For some reason my mom called them Gypsy Sunflowers??