Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting Ready for Chickens to Lay

No, my girls have not started laying. I am so ready. I did though put some decoy eggs in the nest boxes as it is supposed to show them where to lay their eggs.

This girl had her wing clipped. She is starting to really jump and fly high and when I saw her on a gate just below the back wall I knew she needed to be clipped. It does not hurt them and she was very calm while my husband held her so I could clip her.

She was checking it out here. I can see I missed a couple of feathers. She never knew it even happened after about 30 seconds.

This girl is so inquisitive. They say the Barred Rocks are curious and she always wants to know what I am doing.

Their bottoms are getting fluffier and wider in preparation for laying those anticipated eggs.

They are doing well and are so routine driven that I just shoo them into the big run each day after their backyard time. So far so good. All is well with the City Chicks.

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