Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Praise for Imperfection

Lest anyone out there think this blogger tries to portray the perfect life, I am here to show you how imperfectly I run this house. I know no one really thinks I do anything close to perfect but a reality check is always a good thing. Keeps us all grounded. 

I woke up to a dog with some funky skin thing going on. She is better after a bath and some medication but I spent the better part of an hour bathing dogs, washing dog beds and mopping floors. 

But alas the house still requires cleaning and laundry to be folded.
Dust bunnies of hair build up fast in this house. Shoes lie about until one of the kids does shoe duty. We are bad at kicking off our kicks wherever.

 I still haven't finished painting all the molding put up LAST year. I think I win the prize of being behind on projects.

I ate some of the leftover cake every day this week until it was gone. Help me I am weak.

I am now off to the dentist as my little one had one of her teeth shoved back up into her gum when the swing hit her in the face. It never ends, I am always putting out fires but at the end of the day if we are all still standing then none of this matters and life is still good. Not perfect but very good.

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  1. Not perfect,but very good....for me too! :)
    Blessings friend

  2. That's the way it should be! There are always chores and then more chores to do. I am the same way. Clothes sometimes take a couple days to get folded, dishes sometimes pile up. But my daughter and I get the personal time to keep our hearts healthy. The rest will comes. Bless you!

  3. Very good indeed!!!! Love this post! Poor Q...hope her appointment goes okay.
    XO Kris

  4. Oh dear - ouch! Hope your little one gets to feeling better! Baby tooth?

  5. Your poor baby's mouth! :(
    I'm glad I,m not the only one that has continuous projects, ha! In fact I need to get off of here and finish another one myself!

  6. Sad about the "littles" tooth. Hope all goes well.

  7. Oh gosh your poor little one. Hope she is OK!~ Right now I am on a cleaning frenzy...told my husband last night all these home tours that I am doing, although they are is making me realize what a mess of a state our home is in. He had no sympathy..although, he is cleaning the carpets today:)

  8. Hope the little one is okay! Love seeing the "real" in everyone's life now and then. You're normal....just in case you wondered! Ha!

  9. Yep, a nice normal life. You're a good mom, Elaine, that shines through in your posts ... and that's all that really matters.

  10. None of our homes are picture perfect all the time...I am glad you are real! and you will miss all the running someday...I do.

  11. Poor Q! I hope it won't be too painful. Life is messy...period. Good, but messy.

  12. Love keeping it real. I have been gone from home for 6 weeks and I can't believe all I need to do to the house. Piles of laundry and so many things I need to put down in the basement. Still I love home and I'm so glad to be back. Hope your little one's teeth are OK.

  13. Love it! I am a fellow "fire fighter" - always another one to put out. Good luck at the dentist (been there, done that) and with the laundry (my son's basement flooded and I am almost done with seven loads for him, spent 10 hrs at the hospital with my dad yesterday and have three floors to clean (I think your house looks SUPER compared to mine!)

    New Follower!

  14. I can agree with the hair dust bunnies. I have two cats and swear one of the three of us is going bald!

  15. Shoe duty!
    Love that phrase. I have a 3 year old at my house everyday too. I like to give her little chores to do...this one is a good one. She likes to think she's helping!

    Let's not even talk about laundry and dishes... I don't understand... We are just 2 people!

    have a great week, Pat

  16. 4 dogs--small space--I know what you mean by hair and dust bunnies! LOL

    Hope your little girl is okay! Sounds very painful!

    Perfect????? Pfffffftttttt!!!!

  17. Put it out there, sister! I love it! It's all about being happy with who we are and what we have.

  18. Nobody expects a house with kids and pets to be picture perfect. Hope your little one's tooth is okay! ~ Maureen

  19. I hope you h ad a much better experience at the dentist than I did....But I am feeling much better today. YAY!