Friday, September 28, 2012

Pancakes for Dinner

Pancakes for dinner are a welcome treat around here. Why are they so good any time of day? I have the best homemade pancake mix from scratch recipe  you have to try. So good and so much better for you than the store bought pancake mixes.

best homemade pancake mix recipe

Whenever my husband travels for work, the girls and I have pancakes for dinner one of the nights. Carb heaven! A certain someone was caught sneaking licks out of the batter bowl.

There is just something about the smell of doughy pancakes sizzling in a hot buttered pan.

Look at those fluffy beauties. Here is my secret to the fluffiest pancakes ever.

secret to fluffiest pancakes


  1. Tasty looking pancakes, Elaine.

    We too love to have 'breakfast' for dinner sometimes.
    Sometimes, breakfast time just goes by too fast.. a banana and a cup of yogurt.
    It's nice to spend time together with good conversation and comfort food.

    Warm wishes...

  2. One of my favorite dinners is pancakes with big fat blueberries in them. Yum. Anytime!

  3. now you have done it. I want pancakes! I love having breakfast for dinner.
    I will use your tip next time.(tonight:)

  4. Mmmm... I love breakfast for dinner. Not too heavy on the pancakes...but with a little sausage and egg on the side~ Heaven!


  5. when I'm having a down day this is my go to for sure and i'm going now for your pancake tip

  6. We used to have pancakes for dinner occasionally when I was growing up. Our whole family can east breakfast any time of the day!

  7. Oh my those do look good! I need to check out your secret!

  8. we have breakfast for dinner sometime...but I keep the pancake making for saturday mornings :)

  9. Mmmmm American pancakes... When I visited the US for the first time, I was so surprised that you had pancakes for breakfast. We always have them for dinner or around 4pm (we drink coffee and eat something at 4pm, like the English have tea around 3 pm).


  10. I adore pancakes! Those look and sound amazing.

  11. I love having breakfast type foods at other times of the day. I routinely do this.

  12. We love pancakes for supper every once in awhile and other breakfast dishes! Looks like you had a good helper there! :)


  13. I haven't had pancakes for ages. Hmmm. I might make some during the weekend. There are eggs in the fridge ... :-)
    Happy weekend! Regula

  14. My girls LOVE breakfast for dinner! We will have to try your recipe for sure. I found you at Deborah Jean's Dandelion house and am a new fan of your blog.

    I would like to invite you to my first, weekly Blog Hop! I’d love to have you link up with us!
    The Chicken Chick

  15. Looks so good! We have breakfast for dinner once a week. It's an easy, cheap dinner - especially when we have free eggs:)

  16. Oh yum, pancakes!! I love fixing breakfast for supper but I haven't made pancakes in ages! :/....hmmmm.
    I use the same technique as you do for creating fluffy pancakes. They are yummy!!

  17. We love to have breakfast for dinner too! In fact, Greg and I had a canadian bacon and egg sandwich for dinner tonight! Those pancakes look so gooooood!!!
    : ) Kris

  18. We love nothing more than having breakfast for dinner here at the cottage!

    Your pancakes look awfully yummy.


  19. Oh yes, breakfast for supper, we do that too!