Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back to School Organization

Back to school organization is key to keeping your sanity once school starts each year. I think I may finally have my back to school legs under me. Most of you know this year was a big change for me with my first in public school and my first pre-schooler. The living in my car driving to and from has been an adjustment. My second daughter is about to get her license and that will help a lot. Four drivers, four cars with me only having to drive two kids around. Are you confused, cause I am?
You all gave me great advice. Color coding for different kids and preparing what you can the night before. 
One thing I decided to do was use the side of our fridge for all the visual reminders I needed to keep organized. Schedules, upcoming important dates all there for me to find at a quick glance. 
I keep running lists there as well for the stores I shop at.

Packing lunches the night before helps as well. I have found the little bagged snacks to be quick to grab if I can find them on sale. When lunch boxes come home they get emptied first thing and wiped out. On Fridays I wipe them all out with rubbing alcohol which I use everywhere and you can read about it here.  Having a space on one of my kitchen shelves to store all lunch box supplies has been one of the best things I have done.

I write notes to myself all the time. Do you do that? I make lunches right here and put notes in the kids boxes as well.

Easy dinners or dinners from the freezer are a must for our two busiest nights. Tonight is BLTs and potato salad I made yesterday.


  1. Glad to hear things are getting smoother for you. I knew they would cuz you seem like a super organized person. Our refrigerator is one huge bulletin board. It's the only way I stayed organized all these years.

  2. Great post! It seems keeping the lunchboxes and dinner under control really helps!

  3. you are so organized, its a good way to be for sure,

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  5. I knew with your organized ways you'd get it under control post haste!

  6. Planning ahead is the key to anything, in my opinion! I returned to teaching when our girls were in middle school. Things could be rather hectic in the morning just with the usual getting ready. It was a huge help to have lunches done the night before, as well as dinner already planned ahead. You are doing a great job!

  7. Oh, my! Do I write notes to myself?! If I didn't write notes to myself, nothing would get done. Looks like you are off to a great start. Enjoy your year:-)

  8. looks like you are well organized!!!! I love that little wood box on your counter!!!

  9. I wish my home was as well organized right now. Sigh.

    I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures. I know this is totally off the topic meals and organization, but your decorative counter top back splash tile (in the picture about the notes) is so cool! It looks like Franciscan Starburst dishes. I am a big fan of vintage/ retro stuff and I like your 50's kitchen tour, but I didn't see that when I browsed through it. Do you have more vintage tile that pretty? You should show it off in the tour too.

  10. Elaine
    You sure have your hands full!
    You look pretty organized to me
    though from the looks of your frig

  11. Elaine - You sound so super organized!! I will never get that organized, but I keep trying. Brenda sure tries to help me. ha


  12. while I miss my children being young and at home, I don't miss all that driving around and having to be specific places at specific times. You are so right that staying organized and planning ahead makes it better.

    and yes, I write notes to myself! have to or I don't stay on track.

    hope you have a great mid week day!