Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Favorites

I love blogging for the ability to go back and see how we had the house last year at this time.
We sure changed things around but these are some of my favorites from last fall.

patio fountain, vine covered wall

Oh my dear pots from the patio. I haven't been able to have as many with with the chickens. We are starting a fenced run in the back yard for them this weekend. Even with two chickens, they can be hard on a small garden and gardening is my first love. 


  1. I love all of your country and primitive decor, so homey and so beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  2. The Fall decorating is one of my favorite. I really like your banner a lot! And yes, I have free range chickens and they can get in a little trouble when it comes to gardening! But your patio is so lovely!

  3. Beautiful autumn colors. Gorgeous banner.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. How beautiful! I always enjoying going back and seeing what we were doing one year ago, two years ago, on this day. Blogging is such a fun journal of your home and family!
    I am crazy in love with that picture with the lighted twigs in your first photo. It's just perfect!!!!

  5. You always decorate so wonderfully ....blessings

  6. A chicken run? I've heard of a dog run, but never one for chickens! I guess being a city girl ruins ya! :-) I think I remember the first photo from last year. I remember liking the container so much and thinking how that crow off to the side just looked kind of ominous. I love your plantation shutters, too. REALLY wish we had those!!! Have a good weekend! Visiting from BNOTP.

  7. your home is just so cozy and such a happy place, the run will save your garden pots from the girls, then you will have both your loves sfae, the hens and the plants, have a wonderful day.

  8. I had to rejoin your blog, but now I won't miss any posts,

  9. Very pretty! Chickens do like to tear up gardens and flower pots!

  10. Cute! I'm glad you're adding a run. The girls will love stretching their legs and getting out of the coop. Chickens need to dig :)

  11. I think Fall decor is some of the prettiest, too and I like this idea! You have such a lovely home. Hugs!

  12. It's fun to see your Fall decor.
    Love those little glowing pip berry lights!

    Good luck with the chicken run. It will be nice to get your garden back **grin*.

    We are downt to 7 'girls', having sold 5 of them, this past week.
    We still have "Poor Grace" though... I just couldn't bear to part with her..

    Warm wishes..

  13. You have a darling house and yard! I have often thought about getting chickens...but I'm a gardener first and my yard is my joy so I think after reading about your adventures with the chickens I will not try.

  14. I love your autumnal decorative style!! Especially the picture with the cupboard and autumn type bunting - fabulous!! J9 x

  15. Fall decor is something I never get tired of. Yours is absolutely lovely, warm and charming.

  16. Love that wooden 'autumn' banner.
    So cozy looking.

  17. such charming decor! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Wishing you a happy weekend. xo

  18. Hi Elaine,
    Isn't it fun seeing how you mix things up from year to year? I love that about blogging also. I try not to look at the previous year until after I've done my decor. Fun to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. Enjoyed all of your pics. Loved the climbing ivy. Thanks so much for sharing with Share Your Cup.