Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cookie Baking Time and A Few Recipes

Cookie baking has begun in our house. Fall and the holidays mean lots of cookie baking and sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies and spicy cookies are wonderful.

We have favorites we bake each year. Here are some of our recipes for our must have cookies.

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white chocolate cranberry cookies

Snickerdoodle recipe, snickerdoodle cookies

cowboy cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip recipes

My favorite way to enjoy cookies is with a good cup of coffee in the afternoon. What a treat.


  1. So cute Elaine! It is just about time for us to start baking too. I have all of my shopping done, and boy does that feel good!!!! I can enjoy this time with family!
    xo Kris

  2. What a sweetie in her apron! I love cookies and you make some of my favorites! Enjoy!

    hugs, Linda

  3. so cute. i love it. what a real chef or baker she really is ... so sweet!!

    going to check out the recipes now. so exciting. enjoy all the goodies. ( :

  4. Hello Elaine,

    Q looks adorable in that apron! :o)
    Oh...if I could just pick a Sugar cookie to have with my coffee right now...


  5. Your daughter looks so cute in her apron. Cookie baking is a favorite tradition in our house too. Have a fun week!

  6. Q is just precious in her apron, cooking at her stove! Your cookies look yummy, I'm going to get a couple of recipes from you, thanks for sharing. Mary

  7. I am just finishing up some cleaning and then my baking will begin. Q looks adorable! Thank you again for a fun afternoon.

  8. She is just darling. My grand baby has been helping make cookies but oh what a mess.
    I will have to try your sugar cookies I have never found a recipe that I really love.
    I made ginger cookies last weekend. Husband said they were not his favorite I just went to get one and they are alreay more than half gone. hmmm

  9. What a cutie pie helper you have! So much fun baking with little ones!

  10. One of my favorite parts of Christmas was baking cookies with my daughters. Enjoy.

  11. I am salivating just looking at these beautiful cookies.

  12. Mmm all your cookies look wonderful! And so pretty, tied with ribbon! Merry Christmas!

  13. Your little one is just adorable. She will make Christmas extra special. Could I borrow her for a day? I need a little help with the cookies.