Friday, December 14, 2012

Life is So Very Busy and Driving to See Lights

I don't think I had any idea how busy having kids in three schools would be. When I homeschooled the older three girls, and worked 2 to 3 days a week, I thought I was a busy gal and I was. But the amount of driving with kids at multiple schools and volunteer duties have me busier than I have ever been. When we were a homeschooling family I would start school early in August so I could take the entire month of December off. I would be done shopping by now and gifts steadily being wrapped, and the entire week before Christmas would be for baking.
Turn to this year and school runs right up to a few days before Christmas. I am loving the fun parties they are participating in and the build up to finals, knowing a break is coming. Now though, I find I am only about half done with shopping, have not wrapped a single gift and feel a bit pressed for time here. I don't like changes to my schedule but have tried to embrace this new phase in our lives. I may disappear from the blog if time keeps me busy because enjoying the holiday build up is my favorite time of year. Thankfully my dear husband is off for eleven days and will help with the wrapping. We wrap in our trailer out in the back of the yard. Turn on music and steal away to hang out and wrap gifts together. It has been my Santa's workshop for years. I am saying to myself, enjoy every day, it will all get done. The bigger girls will help me with the house thank goodness.

Tonight we all piled in the car in our jammies and sweats and went to see some lights. I had bought a box of Sees candy suckers (the best) and we all grabbed one for dessert on the road. The lights were lovely, Q was    
enthralled. The teenagers, well here is what was coming from the back of the van.

"Who farted?"
"Those lights hurt my eyes."
"This Christmas music is lame."
"Quiet you are ruining my time."

And from me...
"Pretty sad when the four year old is the best behaved."

And from dad...
"You all are bunch of complainers!!"

Oh the joys!!! Fa la la la la la la...


  1. Elaine - So funny!! That's what a group of kids do - especially teens. That really made me giggle.


  2. Haha, I thought for a moment you were talking about things being said in the back seat of *my* car! So I feel it too. Glad you've got some help around the house and hubby to help you do the gift wrap. Enjoy every minute of your holidays with your girls. Mary

  3. The older ones complain but I think they secretly like it - we did the same thing with our teens. They miss it when you don't do it.