Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Woodland Tree

Our main tree is in our front window but I like having a small tree in the den for the sparkly lights at night.
This year I decided to go with woodland theme. I used decorations I had and some little mittens I picked up cheaply.

The woodsy ornaments I have had for years. I thought the punch of red would really be perfect. I have my eye on some more ornaments I want for this tree from my favorite store. I will be in line the day after Christmas to buy them half off. I won't pay full price for ornaments. I just wait and buy them after the holiday.

What says winter more than red mittens. We don't wear them much here where I live but I sure love them.

A cozy Christmas corner. I have my coffee here sometimes and watch the chickens outside.

You can see how I did my den tree last year in a patriotic theme.


  1. This tree is so sweet - and I love red mittens too, but we do need them here in Michigan :-)

  2. Cute tree ! Love the little mittens !

  3. Your tree is so cute. I would definitely be spending time in that little corner enjoying all of the cuteness :-)

  4. Your tree is so lovely and cozy, I loved.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

  5. So very cute! I really love the woodland theme. Such a great idea to put mittens on the tree - I never would have thought of that!

    This corner looks so cozy. I bet it is the perfect place to watch the chickens :)

  6. So glad to see you post this morning! I was getting worried about you!!!
    Love having a small tree in the parts of the house we spend most of our time. For me, it is in the kitchen. I love your den tree. So cozy. Love the theme, and I love those red mittens!!!
    Miss ya,
    xo Kris

  7. What a darling little tree. Love the mittens and the dusting of snow. Sometimes the smaller trees are the best ones.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  8. So lovely, Elaine. I really like what you've done with the tree. Send those red mittens on over my way, I'll need them for shoveling snow!


  9. What a nice idea to have a small tree in the area where you spend most of your time, I should get one for upstairs in the office! Love your woodland theme with the red pops! Mary

  10. so rustic & fun. love the snowy branches. curious is there must clean up? ... when i worked in the florist industry ... they had their moments but not to bad if i recall correctly. ha. ha!! ( :

  11. Such a sweet tree. Hope all is well in your world. Your house looks adorable



  12. Darling tree!
    I love the red little mittens, and the other red touches.... so cheery.

    Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season!

  13. I love the tree. The mittens are adorable.

  14. We have a little tree in our bedroom like that, with a birdhouse with snow and 2 red birds, cute!

  15. Your tree is adorable. I am jealous of the wonderful talent you have for making your home so inviting and beautiful.

  16. Your little tree is wonderful...we only have one is going to be small again...I have a small house...your house always looks so welcoming!! have a great evening!!

  17. What a darling little tree! You have dressed it in such happy clothes...mittens, snowflakes and sparkly lights. It's just perfect!
    I, especially, liked seeing the word "Hope" hanging in a place of prominence.
    Blessings and a Merry Christmas, my dear friend.
    Carolynn xxx

  18. The woodland theme is perfect beside that chair! What a cozy little corner, Elaine, I love it!!! :D

  19. Such a cozy corner.
    I'm a sucker for plaid,
    especially at Christmas!
    And it goes so well
    with your little tree.
    Hope you are enjoying
    the season!

    xo Suzanne

  20. Your little tree is so sweet. And it matches your chair, too! Looks like a lovely little spot to start your day.

  21. Your tree is as cute as your blog...loved it all!

  22. What a perfect nature-inspired tree. I really love how it turned out.