Thursday, January 24, 2013


When you are distracted you go out after your shower and run errands all the while forgetting you never put make up on. That has never happened to me before. What is happening? I don't wear much make up but ladies I wear some. You know why I am so distracted? Because I needed to make a dozen calls, set appointments, straighten out a few things and file some paper work and submit claims for 2012.

I needed to just really cross things off my list. So I did. The sun never came out today so no garden to pull me out there like it had the three days prior. I stayed inside and turned my V-Day tree on and have left it on all day. I know you have seen it before but I love it.  Little shoes beneath and a book waiting to be picked up. Tomorrow.

Today I needed to get on it. AND I did. Made those calls, filed the claims, made appointments. Just a couple more things tomorrow and I will be done. I cannot tell you how much better I feel now than I did this morning. When I have much to take care of that I am putting off, I feel such a weight on me.

The ability to mark a line through my to do list makes me feel like a new person. Seriously. I am tackling it all this week come hell or high water. I even dropped our taxes off on Monday.

My girls had friends coming after school. I made brownies. Big glasses of milk and a couple of brownies is what coming home should be.

My hard working man will not be home for dinner for the third night in a row. I hate this. We always eat together but when the power goes out or some squirrel chews through a cable, he has to fix it and pronto. I want to have him by me sharing the bench in the kitchen. Aw heck, why cook a big meal? So I made tuna mac for dinner.


  1. It does feel great to get all those things done doesn't it. I am the same way. Not settled until it's all done. Great pictures, I love the chair and quilt. You look great to me! Have a relaxing day!

  2. I love tuna mac but Trip hates it! I have so many appointments to make that I had to cancel while sick, including my dental appointment. I'll be making those calls in the morning. I'm heading out to the studio to paint for a couple of hours.


    PS You look god without makeup on. You have pretty skin so don't sweat it! :D

  3. You are always beautiful inside and out and you do not need makeup. Seeing that pic of you, I can't believe how much Q looks just like you! Doesn't it feel good to get things crossed off a list? I am a big time list maker, and crossing things out makes me happy. I'm pretty easily amused though.

  4. Feels great to cross things off your list, doesn't it? I need to get myself organized again-I always slip around the holidays.
    And, you're pretty without makeup! Hope you get a little time to relax.

  5. I can't believe how you juggle it all, even baked brownies. I want some of the tuna mac and a brownie, with coffee, for dessert! xo P.S. You don't need any makeup.

  6. Just like you, I wear my makeup and several times, I've just not finished and gone out without my favorite!

    Good for you for getting so much accomplished! And your brownie recipe looks just like mine...the one I grew up on with my mom making. It's a favorite around here! That and our fudge!

    Have a great day! Hope your hubby is home with you tonight for supper!


  7. Your life is very busy right now..I've done those distracted things before, lol.

    Hopefully everything will calm down for you soon, and all your chicks will be in the nest again.

    Take heart, you look wonderful even without makeup.


  8. sometimes i wear make up & other times i don't ... i say do what makes you happy. whatever makes you feel your best!! those brownies look yummy. need to look at your tuna recipe .... off to do that now. you are beautiful with no makeup any ways - smile that's all you need. pretty one you are, is it that CA sun or weather? ( :

  9. Oh yes, I agree-- marking through a list of things 'to do' and ticking them off one by so satisfying.
    The tuna mac looks good!
    ...not gonna lie, the brownies do too! Pat

  10. You look beautiful without make up. You had a very productive day---can I have a brownie please?

  11. I need to make a list. I tend to run in circles.

  12. You can get by without make-up!! I think I want to come live at your house - brownies and casseroles. Sounds like my home growing up. People could not believe that we had hot cookies every day after school. All of my friends liked to come home with me!


  13. I have a long, long list of things like that to do also. Don't you just hate those kinds of days? I mean it feels good to get it done but I sure can procrastinate.

  14. It feels so nice to cross things off your to-do list! I always feel like there's a weight hanging on me, too, if I have a list of things to do. Great job on buckling down and getting it done!

  15. You are a natural beauty, and need no makeup at all to look pretty!!
    Glad you got some things crossed off your list. Hope hubby can come home earlier soon. And I love your Valentine's Day tree too!!
    xo Kris

  16. Elaine, you do not need a speck of makeup. Your skin is absolutely gorgeous! You look 30.

  17. I'm pretty bad, on days I don't work, I don't wear make up unless I'm going somewhere that I may scare someone to death. Hope the hubby gets home for dinner soon. I love tuna mac and have not had it in forever!! Your little tree is darling.

  18. Getting things done is a great feeling. I also enjoy not getting things done. LOL!

  19. You were just what I needed to ready today...I needed some prodding to get my to do list done! Thanks!

  20. Sounds like you need a day off! Teach the older girls to make the brownies and go sit down... then take a long, hot bath :)

  21. Natural beauty is best :)

    Great going on your lists, feels so much better to see things get ticked off :)

    Your tuna mac looks yummy!


  22. Hello Elaine,
    It amazes me that you and I are so alike. I feel very weighted down when I have so many items on my to do list. It always seems hard just to get started!
    Ladybug Cottage

  23. Sounds like me. I have so many things I need to get to sometimes I get overwhelmed. One day I actually washed my hair with body soap without realizing it and then couldn't figure out why it felt like straw. It didn't dawn on me until a day later what I had actually done.. Too many things on the brain at once. I love your Valentine tree! I've never seen it, its adorable.. and that tuna mac looks delish!

  24. It is amazing how many things need to be done to run a home. You look great.