Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tweet Tweet

Hey, I am on Twitter now. I am continuing to get myself up to speed on all things bloggy. My brain hurts every time I have to figure how to add widgets and get in that html. But I figure it is good to challenge our minds as we get older and working on this computer really challenges my mind let me tell you.
Come follow me so I can follow you back.


  1. yippeee, twitter dance. i'm there too!!! see you there. ( :

  2. Twitter eh? I am not on Twitter, but I am on Instagram. Are you on IG?
    xo Kris
    PS I just saw that you are joining Brenda for a series. I love it!

  3. You are so right about the brain thing. Hummm where was I going with this? Oh well, can't remember.

  4. I still haven't made the twitter plunge. I did sign up for an account a while back, but I haven't been active yet. I have a blog Facebook page so twitter seems like too much!

  5. I LOVE Twitter, better than FB! I let it all hang out on Twitter (haha) much more so than on my blog. ;-) Actually, I do not link my blog to it because there are some really crazy folks on Twitter, just sayin'! xo

  6. Never been on Twitter...but congrats to you!! Happy Valentines day!!

  7. I don't TWEET.

    Hmmm...I'll consider it!

  8. I don't tweet, my life's too boring, I just blog. I can bore you there :) I used to follow a couple of actors whose work I really liked, til I realized (from their tweets) they were both alcoholics with too much $ and time on their hands...