Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Glass and Chrome Faucets

Okay, I promised to share this tip. Hard water stains are hard to remove from shower doors, windows and kitchen and bath faucets.  Here is how I remove hard water deposits in my home. Take white vinegar and a scrubber sponge. For shower doors and faucets I soak the scrubber side good and start scrubbing. This works very well for me. I then just rinse with a damp cloth and dry.

remove hard water deposits

 If stains are really hard you may have to work at it. Now if the surface is flat like my kitchen faucet here is what I do. Soak the sponge side of the scrubber really well with the vinegar and set it on the flat surface of the chrome. Let sit for at least 15 minutes and repeat again if the hard water deposits are really bad. Flip over the sponge and scrub with the scrubber side.
Look at my faucet I did today. 12 years old and not any deposits. I do have to scrub up around the handle too to get those off but I sometimes soak a wash cloth with vinegar and wrap around to work on those hard water deposits.

To clean outdoor windows and remove hard water stains I do it a little different. I take a bowl and add 1 cup of vinegar, a small squirt of dish soap and some hot water. Using the same scrubber side of the sponge I work at the hard water deposits and then use the sponge side to scrub the whole window and squeegee them dry. If you have stubborn water stains then soak that scrubber with straight vinegar and scrub really well.

I do have one window where a sprinkler hits and the deposits are stubborn. I am going to try a tip one of my husband's fellow lineman told me and I will report if it works as well as he claims. Check out my nightly routine to keep my faucet sparkly.


  1. Great tips! Now could you come up with something for motivation? lol Just kidding. Actually, knowing there is something that will work well really is a motivating factor!

  2. Brilliant tips. I'll be using them this weekend! xx

  3. Totally need this tip and will be getting my vinegar today. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Elaine, can you shoot me an email when you get a chance? micmanno@aol.com..thanks.

  5. We have deep well water that's hard and has a lot of lime scale - your kitchen faucet puts mine to shame! Looks like I'd better get more vinegar and find some elbow grease and get to work ;-)

  6. My husband has a love affair with white vinegar and uses it to clean everything he can get his hands on.
    We have such a hard time with the shower door that we haven't had a lot of luck. You encourage me to try again.

    Just read on another blog that Bounce dryer sheets work. Never tried that one.

  7. For really tough deposits on glass we bought a paste from a local window store. Works great, since we have the same sprinkler problem. Just rub and and scrub, wipe off...

  8. I've used vinegar and water before and was amazed at how well it worked. Good ideas. Thanks.


  9. :D Great tip!!! I have an issue on our fridge on the ice maker/water dispenser. LOTS of hard water build-up, and nothing is working. I'l try the vinegar!

  10. Grrrrrr8..now a question: What to do with a [bone china] tea cup w stain from tea that was allowed to stand too long in the cup? It doesn't want to be separated from that cup


  11. ... Great tips..... gotta love White Vinegar....... Thanks
    Barb xx