Saturday, May 18, 2013


I am checking in to say hi quickly. Our life here is so busy this week that I have not had time to hardly turn on the computer. One highlight was my baby's 5th birthday. Because her daddy was out of town working, I wanted to do something fun so big sis and I took her to Build A Bear Workshop. She had never been and she thought it was wonderful.
We also headed to Rain Forest Cafe for a birthday dinner which she at first loved but if you have ever been there you know at different times a thunder storm starts and the animals come alive. It scared the you know what out of the kid. Her eyes were huge. She then spent the rest of the time with her ears covered. I asked if she wanted to leave but she said no. 
Poor kid. Mom tortured her for her birthday. She managed to eat and said it was great when we left but that it was too loud. I totally get it. I hate loud noises too.

Today we celebrate with family and friends and tomorrow is jam packed as well. Too busy for me but this is how May is every year. There is a bike with pretty ribbon hiding in the garage for someone's present. Can't wait to see her face.

I laughed as hubby was hiding in the trailer putting it together. Who would have thought at 45 he would be still doing these things. Life is full of surprises.
The funny thing will be if we can keep up running down the street with her when the training wheels come off.
Have a great weekend. I will. There will be cake.


  1. When I see your farm hop thing..I keep thinking Lisa from fresh eggs is look almost identical! Is she your sister?
    Your birthday plans are wonderful!

  2. Tell little one Happy Birthday for me. We had the same experience with the Rain Forest Café in Las Vegas when the girls were little. It scared them also.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Oh Happy Birthday to your little one, she is such a cutie. Sounds like a fun day even if it was a little loud. Hugs, Marty

  4. sweet. Happy birthday to your 5 year old! :) I know what you 49 and 52, it's going to be interesting teaching Luke to ride his bike without training wheels! lol! But fun....


  5. Happy Birthday to Little Q. I HATE loud noises, and did as a child too.

  6. LOL love that picture of her holding her hands over her ears..too darn cute. Mommy looks rather pretty herself :)

  7. Happy Birthday to little cutie, look like you have nice time,

  8. Two out of three happy pictures is good, I can't stand loud noises either. Looks like she had fun though, and hope to see pics of the new bike soon. Enjoy! Mary

  9. Happy birthday to your daughter! Sounds like she is having a fun one, even if her mother is torturing her:) Have a good Sunday and hope to see you again when things settle down.

  10. Happy birthday to your little girl! She's so cute...and looks just like you.

  11. Your daughter is so adorable. Happy birthday to her! My youngest brother was born when I was 16, and my mom always called him a "surprise." But he was one of the nicest surprises we've ever had!

  12. Happy Happy Birthday to sweet Q!! I know Noah loved Build A Bear too, and my grandgirls both have them as well!
    Have fun Mama!!!
    xo Kris

  13. I know just what you mean about Life being time for computer. I just posted a similar post at Corn.
    I think about you and hubby with Q ...trying to keep up with her and I can totally identify. The difference, when my head hits the pillow at night, I crash like I died...and I don't have to worry about waking up until the next morning when the alarm goes off--why? because my Littles go home everyday to their mommies and daddies. I just don't know how you do it, girl!

    Happy Birthday Q!


  14. I've never heard of that cafe before I can understand how she'd be startled but hopefully the animals coming to life eased her mind. Build a Bear workshop is a great idea I haven' t taken my two there yet.

  15. Aww, Happy Birthday to your baby!