Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School Favorite Posts

It's that time of year. If you have kids in your house then you know it is time for school again. A time when schedules change and life speeds up. 
Here are a few of my favorite back to school posts from the last few years.
This back to school vignette was my favorite from two years ago. Hubby did it but I pulled out some things I thought would look cute and he arranged it for me. Have I ever mentioned I am spatially challenged? Yep, can't tell my left from my right when arranging things.

A very simple back to school centerpiece.

This year's decor was in honor of the youngest starting kindergarten.

Wise Owl Back to School Cupcakes. We are having these tonight for dessert as everyone is officially in school this coming week. Even the nurse is back at it advancing her nursing degree.

How about a teacher appreciation supply cake? Show your teacher you are thinking of them with this cake stacked high with great classroom supplies. All at bargain prices right now with the back to school sales.

How about a little back to school organization? I use the side of my fridge as the brains for all back to school important papers. They are there easy to see and not lost in some pile. From schedules to book order forms, handy magnetic clips keeps things right at my fingertips.

create a back to school command center
So what's your favorite back to school tip?


  1. As a newly retired teacher, this is the first back to school season that I have not experienced in 33 years.

    It seems so strange to not be buying school 'stuff'.

    Love your little vignettes - or should I say your husband's vignettes?

  2. Such cute back to school decorating. It seems every year I have a connection with school starting, in one way or another. Such a fun time after the adjustment.

  3. So much prep getting ready for school, you are so organized and I loved your little vignettes, so cute...Phyllis

  4. That vignette is cute. My only tip would be go earlier than I did this year for school supplies. Not because the stores were out, but because it was a ZOO:) And haircuts too, go a week earlier.

  5. For me, preparation is key, not so much spending money on buying things as talking things through and planning them out:

  6. I love the back to school vignettes, but must admit to never seeing anything so pretty as that in our house...just the sight of my Mom hopping and skipping a little bit more as the week progressed.


  7. When I had three kids in school, all in different sports and activities, I would use a different color Sharpie Pen to write their activities on my calendar, so I knew which kid was doing what. Sometimes I miss those days. And sometimes I do NOT!
    xo Kris

  8. my daughter was moaning about going back to school (she teaches) she has enjoyed her time home with her daughter. My husband is a retired teacher so there is not much back to school going on in my house.

  9. I am a new follower and a teacher! Your vignette drew me to your site like bees to honey! Oh, my! I love all of the Back-to-School ideas! I could use some of them in my classroom! Just lovely! Thank you for sharing them!!!!


  10. Those cupcakes are so cute / going to have to make them one day with the grandchildren !

  11. This makes me miss back to school time and all the flurry and excitement of school shopping and a new year. My girls are even out of college now! Guess I'll have to wait for grandkids:>) I love all your pretty decorations!

  12. What a cute post! Love all those back to school decor..
    Thanks for this lovely share.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)