Monday, September 30, 2013

Christmas Countdown Part Three

What to do in October to get ready for the Holidays.

 Okay time to check in and share what you have been doing to finally have an organized relaxed Christmas this year.

Getting the House Ready for Christmas

Okay here is what I have accomplished.
Deep cleaned:
Entry way
Front/Piano Room
Dining Room

Still working on kitchen. Of course this room takes longest to deep clean but all windows have been cleaned and wiped down along with shelves and nick knacks. I only got about half the cupboards cleaned and wiped down. I put the link there so you can see what I use. Because our oldest just moved out and we moved some rooms around, the bedrooms got a good deep cleaning over the weekend. I will mark those off my list ahead of time. Be flexible and no pressure right. Just steady, a little every week towards your goal.

So for October:
Finish kitchen deep clean
Deep clean service porch
Deep clean Bathroom #1.

Gift Buying
I am moving along here. I now have five gift cards purchased. That's two more than last month.
I also had time and went into Toys R Us and bought most of my youngest's gifts. One more item is all I need and to finish her stocking and I will be done with her.

I am continuing to pick up stocking stuffers for my girls when I am out and stashing them in my stocking stuffer box.

Christmas Cards
I have not decided if I will send cards this year or not. I took a break from it last year and loved not spending so much time on that. Cards are increasingly expensive to prepare and mail. I do have some older folks that I may send pics of the kids to that don't have social media to keep track of the family.

Have not begun this yet. Still would like to make and freeze ahead to avoid the work right before Christmas.


  1. Goodness you do start early. I remember from last year reading what you did. It is inspiring for me to get started.
    With Face Book I don't feel the need to send many cards either. Just a few this year.
    I do need to get busy with buying gift cards.
    Does your daughter's Christmas list change getting closer to Christmas. That would be a problem for me.
    Good luck. Anxious to hear more of your plans.

  2. I have started too.......quite a few gifts bought...mostly clothes on sale for grandkids, and a few toys......saving jars to make gift baskets of homemade goodies.....and starting to save recipes for baking........

  3. We do mostly money and gift cards. I always like to do a little crafty homemade things for some.
    I start early too. I always do deep cleaning before my decorations go I have started that already too. It will be fun to follow and compare with you this year.

  4. Bonsoir,

    Vous me semblez très bien organisée !
    Je ne sais pas encore ce que je ferai pour les fêtes de noël. Mes deux filles attendent un bébé. L'une pour novembre et l'autre pour le 29 décembre. Tout ça bouleverse agréablement les projets !...

    Merci pour cette jolie publication.

    Gros bisous

  5. I admire how organized you are. Did you know I have a Christmas blog; there are hundreds of tips in the posts. You can see it at

  6. I have started too and it feels so good! My boys are 21 and 24..they love gift cards. I'll pick those up at my grocery store when they start running specials. Towards the holidays they give 5x points on their rewards card toward gas. It makes a big difference in the price.

  7. I too have been buying Christmas gifts and doing extra cleaning I have also been taking this time before the big events coming up to do some painting and bigger fix up's around the house.
    Don't forget to spiff up the flower beds one last time and plant bulbs for spring, I usually put bulbs in under my fall chrysanthemums when I plant them.

  8. Last year was the first year ever that I did not send cards. I felt terrible guilt with every card I opened!!! I won't do that again!
    I haven't done anything yet to prepare!
    xo Kri

  9. I've been doing some deep cleaning and that feels really good to have that done. I cut way down on the cards I send, like you just send to the older crowd. Haven't bought gifts yet but Mr. Redo and I don't get much (don't need much!) and Elizabeth wants gas cards and a few clothes. Matthew we'll have to wait and find out.

    You're doing a great job getting ready.


  10. I have been clearing out and cleaning, but knowing me, it will have to be done again by Christmas! Especially when the heat goes on and that makes dust~dust~dust. My gift list is so small, and so is my card list, I am actually making some cards for special folks this year. xo

  11. I decided to make homemade gifts this year. So I started last month. Just hope I get them done in time.

  12. Hi from your newest follower, I love that you are so organized , I think I better get cracking now that I have seen this christmas post