Saturday, December 21, 2013

What's Your Christmas Philosophy?

I am going to admit something to you.... I am a big kid when it comes to Christmas. Yep!! Big as they come. I like presents under the tree with my name on them.
I love Christmas movies.
I love Christmas music.
I can hardly sleep on the night before Christmas Eve and forget Christmas Eve, I just want morning to come.
I buy my kids way too much stuff. I like a lot under the tree. Most of it is small things like books and movies or socks, but they are spoiled by me at Christmas.
It is my love language to myself. The joy on Christmas morning that I feel while hubby and I sip cups of hot coffee just enjoying ourselves while our dog rolls around in the wrapping paper is the best thing ever.
I want Christmas morning to go on forever.

Every family is different but for me, this is how I love to do it. I have no restraint. 
I wrap every single stocking stuffer to make that last longer.
That is about 50 items just for the stockings.
I'm nuts!!
(But I'm done wrapping this year Yay!)

I like my home to be one of those Hallmark movies. Lights on and music playing and Christmas jammies at night as we all, hubby and I included, climb into our Christmas flannel sheet adorned beds. Perfection of course is never met and dogs bark and girls fight over clothes and cat hair is always on my clothes but heck I can try. Just totally savoring the season makes all the other stresses just a little easier to take.

I cry at church when they have us sing Christmas music for worship. Moves me.
I have 14 pairs of Christmas socks and need more!!
I love climbing into bed with my hubby on Christmas Eve when we have got all the last preparations done for morning and laid out the stockings and snuggling and telling him he is the best. 

Christmas is magical and my heart just swells as the days draw closer.
You cannot convince me otherwise.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

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  1. I love that about you Elaine! Love it! I still believe!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Your joyful spirit is infectious!! Merry Christmas, my sunny friend :) xoxoxo

  3. :D I'm worse than a little kid. We're going to the kids' Christmas Pageant @ church on Christmas Eve because we love being around the younger children. They are so excited! We have many Christmas traditions, and I've decided to give myself a break and not send out Christmas cards this year….I'm saving them for next year! ;P

    You'll be proud of me….I've been canning Christmas gifts for the adults in our lives!

    Merry Christmas!


  4. I am just like you, Elaine! I love everything about Christmas and can over do it too. But I don't care. It is something our boys will always remember and now we have a grandson to spoil too!

  5. I am just like you and am savoring being home for Christmas this year.

    Our family ski trips were so much fun, but we would get up, open the small amount of gifts (the vacation and lift passes were the main gift) eat a small breakfast ( we didn't want to be stuffed while skiing), and take our family photo on the top of the mountain.

    This year it is back to "normal" - way too many presents and yes the stocking presents are wrapped too, lots of decorations, lots of baking and a huge breakfast is planned for Christmas morning. We only unwrap the new family Christmas game on Christmas Eve.

  6. Oh I am so much like you. I love every minute of it all and I can hardly wait for everyone to open their presents and I also spoil everyone rotten. I wrap every little single thing too, that makes it so much fun. I hope you and your family have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  7. I have years like what you are talking about.....mostly when the kids were at home. Now, all but one has their own little families. I would say the gifts are less but more meaningfull since our family has tripled in size. We have so many separate Christmas.....wish they could all be together. Enjoy every minute. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  8. Precious! There should be a Hallmark movie about you :) Merry Christmas and blessed New Year! -Bev

  9. Just love this! and wish you were my mom.... Hope you have a totally wonderful and magical christmas!!! and it sounds as if you are for sure!

  10. I think this is one of the most adorable confessions of all time.

    You are a joy - and make me feel so much more cheerful and happy.

    Don't ever change, you are precious - sincerely.

    Hugs and holiday friendship and good cheer to you!

  11. That is how it should be with families. For me, little ole me, I like SIMPLE. xo

  12. I tend to be exactly like you. I insist all stocking stuffers be wrapped too. My philosophy is family/memories/family/memories/family/memories. If it interferes with our family and our time, we don't do it. Our kids are only with us for a short time. I refuse to drive all over town going here and there, to please people. My husband and children are first (and only).

  13. we do the same here stocking stuffers wrapped and friends in on Christmas eve We leave the Christmas lights on all night and snuggle into bed on our fleece sheets and wait for santa.

  14. Many things are the same with me....I still believe! I love everything about Christmas. We do it simple, but it is all about being together. Thank you Lord for giving us Christmas! and Merry Christmas to your family.

  15. Elaine, we're just a like!!! I love dragging out the gift unwrapping and really savoring the moment, and Christmas movies, music, lots of baking desserts and cookies and just all out fun! We've been reading and retelling over again the story of Jesus's birth to our children, and I think they're beginning to truly understand it now:)
    Merry Christmas!!!

  16. Me Tooooooo!!!!! Merry Christmas to you Elaine!!!

  17. Haha, I am TOTALLY the same way! My mom never cared about Christmas and I remember even as a little kid, being the one who spurred us out into the woods to find the perfect tree, (and I was always the final word on perfect,lol) I wrapped the gifts and decorated and pretty much carried the day, still do. But my decorating and baking and Chrismas music and movie loving is part of the gift I give my family. They love it and I love them. Your joy is such a great example to your kids of really embracing the season!

  18. I have to say...this is hands down the cutest blog you've ever written. I just loved it. And I am in the same boat as you .. nuts about Christmas, from start to finish. In fact, I'm already dreading that's the season is coming to a close already =(

  19. Love this post Elaine! It's ALL YOU!!



  20. Very enjoyable post. I am the say way about Christmas, except, I DON'T wrap the stocking stuffers. hehehehe
    Merry Christmas!

  21. Very same, here. We all LOOOOVE Christmas, as we are meant to.
    It's a wonderful time of the year and I, too, wish it could last a little bit longer....I love our home, all decorated in white and the tree...each year it seems to be prettier than the last...
    love all the good foods and best of all, love all the family around. :)
    Merry Christmas.

  22. I love Christmas, and used to buy my kids way too much stuff. I relaized it's not about how much stuff you buy them, but the time you spend with them. You can't buy that. And as far as frugality goes, homemade gifts are even better!