Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dollar Spot Valentine's Decor

In order to combat the post Christmas decor blues we always put some Valentine's Decor up right away. I love hearts. Don't you?

One of our little trees stays up with a switch to red decor. The lights and few baubles are old but this year we made a Valentine swag from felt hearts found in the Target dollar spot section. I say we as in I bought it brought it home and the lineman took over from there.

Valentine tree, Valentine swag, Valentine banner, red felt hearts

I don't know where I was but I stepped out and when I came back home the little tree was decorated and the trio heart swag was up and I told him what a good job. He dug out some Dollar Spot baker's twine in red and white from Christmas and strung the hearts up.

Valentine swag

So there you go. A three dollar swag. Makes me happy.


  1. I do love hearts more than anything! And yours look perfect to bring some color back into your post-Christmas decor - great job, lineman (and the wifey who bought the items :)


  2. Good Job by the lineman! I bought those same hearts to…may have to borrow that idea. I put out some non-Christmas looking snowmen for a little decor then will add the hearts in a couple of weeks!

  3. LOVE the pretty little Valentine tree….it's making me smile tonight! I could do a lot of damage with those hearts!

  4. This is so happy looking and cute!! I need to pull my little bit of hearts decor out too, but I'm loving the tree idea!

  5. Your husband is so adorable! it cracks me up every time I see that he helps you decorate:>) My husband is the same way so tell him I'm not laughing at him, it's just that you find guys like that every day! The banner is great and the price can't be beat.

  6. lucky you I am still working on putting all the Christmas away.

  7. That's pretty decor you have there. I love the little tree!

  8. This is just so cute! I love the hearts.

    Sometimes it is the little things that make us the happiest. I can see why you love those three hearts so. I would smile every time I saw this. Thanks for sharing.



  9. Valentine's is right around the corner :)
    Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday!

  10. Cute, I'm still enjoying my winter decor. I switch the first of Feb...

  11. Well, the lineman is truly a keeper! Nicely done :-) Thank you for sharing his decor at the party this week Elaine! It is featured on my Facebook page and I have pinned it to the You're Gonna Love It Tuesday board on Pinterest :-)