Friday, March 21, 2014

Vintage Picnic Items for Decor

Vintage drink carrier and picnic basket.

Found this post in the draft folder. Thought is was cute for summer.
Vintage picnic decor should make us all feel summer can't be too far away.

The dry sink has been re-done with a vintage drink cooler and picnic basket for summer.

vintage picnic basket and vintage drink carrier

vintage tam o' shanter drink carrier

I love the graphics on this old drink cooler.
Tam O' Shanter

Can you just imagine a picnic lunch of fried chicken carried in this old picnic carrier?
vintage retro metal picnic basket

Moved a tin with red rolling pins out here.
rolling pins in vintage bread box

Summer is coming and picnics are such a fun way to spend a day. Food just tastes better out of doors.
Antique dry sink with vintage picnic items and rolling pins

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  1. I have a love affair with vintage picnic stuff - baskets, coolers, thermos, table cloths. ALL so cute!!

  2. the green chair . . . the cracker tin . . . the bread tin . . . all too cute!

  3. the green chair . . . the cracker tin . . . the bread tin . . . all too cute!

  4. You always have the cutest vignettes. Your husband is awesome! I'm assuming he did this one?

  5. It's all very cute. Your husband did this? I know he's a lineman but maybe he should be a decorator. Hah.

  6. I love your vintage drink cooler. What a hopeful vignette - so looking forward to summer.