Saturday, March 22, 2014

Expand Your Living Space Outdoors

Our patio expands our living space, as it sits right off our family room. It is lived in and because of our weather used almost 365 days a year. 

By adding comfortable furniture, your outdoor room becomes more inviting. All our furniture out on our patio was either given to us or bought on sale so it does not have to cost much to make an outdoor room comfortable.

Flower containers are your artwork and bring happiness when you are outside viewing and tending them or something pretty to view through your windows and doors.

I often stand at the French doors and look at the pots of flowers. It just calms me and makes me well, happy.

A water feature or fountain not only is lovely to the eyes but acts as a sound barrier to city noises. The constant trickle of water I swear lowers your blood pressure.

We celebrate birthday, holidays and nice sunny days out here. Our outdoor patio is indeed another room of our home.


  1. Your patio and the flowers and comfy chairs are very inviting and are indeed, an outdoor room. We feel the same about our patio; I will post a photo some day soon.

  2. I won't have a pretty brick laid patio like you do. But my patio will be my outdoor space too. I plan to decorate it and use it as part of my living space. Wish I could have chickens there, but doubtful management would let me...

  3. Elaine,

    I absolutely love your patio. Looking at the pic.'s you post of it always brings a smile to my face. Still way too cold her to have any flowers yet.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  4. Your patio is gorgeous and so full of color. We sure spend a lot of time outside enjoying ours too.

  5. You do live in a perfect climate for that. It is lovely! Surprisingly, even up in the Northwoods we try to get as much 'summertime' in as possible, putting container gardens on patios, porches, etc. If it ever gets up to 50 degrees, I'll be having breakfast on the front porch!

  6. Your garden and patio is so beautiful. I would be out there all of the time, too. xo Laura

  7. I love it! It would be my favorite place to be surrounded by all of your beautiful flowers and the chickens...:)

  8. It looks so warm and inviting. If my patio looked like that I would be out there all the time. Going to be in the 20's today and a little snow no patio time today. Soon.....I hope.

  9. I would be spending a lot of time on that patio, it's gorgeous! I love the warmth of the brick and the bright flowers. I just can't wait until it gets warm enough to sit out by our garden:>)

  10. Bonjour chère amie,
    Une publication qui sent bon le soleil avec ces photos de fleurs très généreuses.
    Gros bisous

  11. It looks very lovely and inviting I can't wait till we are able to use ours.

  12. So pretty! I imagine it's wonderful spending time out there...
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  13. I can't wait to clean off our deck and make it livable for the season. :D

    Your patio is beautiful.

    I've been thinking about you. Has the earth been shaking @ your house? I've been worried.