Monday, June 30, 2014

Farmhouse Decor Through the Years

I love cozy country farmhouse looks and I am sharing some of our farmhouse decor through the years. I have always loved prim decor but I am really seeing my decor take a definite lean towards farmhouse decor. Here are some looks through the years that proves just that. You can find all these posts by searching "farmhouse" on the blog on the search section on the sidebar.

farmhouse centerpiece

vintage graters, farmhouse kitchen decor

vintage toy kitchen stove

farmhouse decor, chickens and roosters

This is not mine but from Country General Store in Covina but I sure would love to just move that little henhouse right over to my home.


  1. You and I have very similar decorating likes and dislikes. Love the farmhouse look! Relaxing, serene, simple.

  2. Brings back lots of memories for me of my childhood. Love the little hen house. Happy summer.

  3. I would feel right at home there!

  4. I'm heading more toward farmhouse too after decorating cottage for years. I feel it's just a fresher look and that is what I am after now. I love, love, love that shelf under the chicken picture, with the crate full of eggs and more chicken figures. So cute!

  5. I'm still using everything on top of the shelf which is under the clock and under the same shelf. Loving your red and how you have blended it with the whites!! Nicely decorated and not cluttered!! You're able to see and admire everything!

  6. I haven't seen my taste change much over the past few years; in fact, I was thinking it's gotten a little bit stagnate here.
    Looking for some ideas and some changes to happen, especially now that the brain fog is lifting!
    I always love seeing how your shelves are decorated. much does Mr. Sunny affect your decor changes?

  7. ... I love all your little farmhouse touches....
    I collected and displayed vintage Kitchenalia around my dining room fireplace for many years. I loved it.
    Now I'm older and arthritic I have changed my decor to simple, minimalistic, easy wipe down and as much empty space as possible.
    It's fascinating how and why our tastes change.
    Hugs and BlessingsBarb xx

  8. I've always leaned toward a farmhouse look (since my first apartment in 1980!). In fact, my first home decor purchase was an old scale - still have it my decor all of these years later! Love your pretty pics. Jane