Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ways to Use Leftover Rice

When faced with leftover rice, here are a few frugal recipe ideas to make another meal out of leftover rice.

Whenever I cook rice, I am always left with some in the refrigerator. I hate to throw food out so here are ideas for ways I make a second meal out of leftover rice.

Pork fried rice

When faced with extra steamed white rice or rice pilaf, how about stirring it into a new meal. We love to make an oriental fried rice by cooking it up with some leftover chicken or pork, some soy cause, some frozen peas and any Asian enhancing chopped veggies like carrots and scallions. At the end throw in a couple of eggs and scramble in the pan for a fried rice meal.

The kids love when I make Hawaiian fried rice and you can find that recipe here. This is a tangy spin on fried rice and so good.

You can use it in crock pot chicken and rice and add the rice at then end of cooking about 30 minutes before serving. Just stir in and let heat through.

How about rice pudding, or adding to soups for more ways to use up that rice.

Hawaiian fried rice

Probably the rice I cook the most is Spanish rice. I always have leftovers. Here are some yummy ways to use it again for another meal.

 Scramble with an egg for slightly spicy breakfast dish.
Use it to make Mexican meatball soup.
Stir it into refried beans to stretch a can of beans for burritos or a batch of freezer burritos.

Mexican freezer burritos


  1. Great ideas! I always have leftover rice. Definitely making the Hawaiian fried rice this week but will substitute shrimp for chicken because that's what I have. Thanks!!

  2. I love to make large batches of rice, and use the leftovers. Your ideas are great! I love them in burritos too. I also like to make cold chicken salad with leftover rice in the summer time.
    Miss you.
    xo Kris

  3. I'm a big fan of rice too. I could eat it every day. In fact, I'm making some today to go with our BBQ ribs.

  4. I love to use left overs in a whole new way great post

  5. We do stir fry with the left over rice or Steve makes rice and beans. Actually, we rarely have left overs because we make small portions.

  6. Sometimes I will save little scraps of rice and freeze it to throw into a random crock pot soup. Hello from Motivation Monday.

  7. Oh yummy. There's nothing I love more than chicken and rice soup, with all the leftover veggies in it from the fridge. It's rainy and cool today so I might make that one more time before the summer heat. Good reminder Elaine! This summer I'm going to cook a double batch of everything, why heat up the kitchen twice. I like your freezer burrito idea too. Time for a big pot of Homesick Texan's Ranch-style beans, if you haven't tried them, they are a real treat. Wow I didn't know I was going to cook all day but now you have me inspired :)

  8. ...I love the sound of your Hawaiian rice. I use rice in all kind of dishes....
    Hugs and Blessings ..
    Barb xxx

  9. Hawaiian rice sounds so yummy for summertime. Great ideas here because we have rice almost every night, and we throw away too much of it.