Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Setting Up Our Homeschool

Since I have had a long break between first graders, I have needed to organize and set up our homeschool supplies once again. I do not have a school room and we usually use our kitchen table for most work.

In order to celebrate back to school for our two youngest I set up a small table display. I am serious about thinning out all my old decorative junk. I no longer want to or desire to set up huge holiday displays like I have in the past. I want enough to make my little one happy but I am serious about reducing our belongings.

This summer I had two large donation pick ups, three large item haul aways and lots of things tossed or put in our recycling bins. I feel better and better as order is made out of drawers that are almost empty and space reclaimed in our garage. Clutter literally stresses me.

In years past we had boxes that held the girls stuff and I didn't want that this time around. I cleared this shelf again in the service porch right next to our kitchen. It is literally five feet from the table. It holds our school books and I dug an old craft carrier from the garage, scrubbed it and put our daily supplies in it. Literally, one trip for all needed school items and no looking around for supplies. A few more items we need will be added but all is clean and organized and easy to see and reach what we need. More empty space!! Yay!!


  1. Have fun getting back into school!! It's difficult getting back into the swing of things, but once you do get back --- it's like you never left!

  2. That shelf is adorable! And, I love the water bottles, right there for convenience :)

    I found your blog off someone else's blog and I'm glad I did! It's so cute! You now have a new follower :)

  3. I LOVE your charming white shelf. A perfect fit for all of your supplies.

  4. Good for you de-cluttering! I find the more I get rid of (and some sold on eBay) the better I feel. Frees up space and time to manage it all....

  5. I couldn't find the comment bar in your camping post so I will comment here.

    Your post made me want to go camping. We haven't camped for years yet it was what we did when the kids were growing up. I wonder where all of our gear is?