Monday, November 3, 2014

Day of the Dead Party

This year, my sister in law's Halloween party was themed, Day of the Dead. She goes all out and decorates and does a great job of setting the stage for a great time. Here is her 2014 Day of the Dead Party...

She modified many pumpkins she had for the day of the dead party. Her and her friend made lots of custom banners and decorations.

 The Mexican paper flowers above the food table was awesome. I also loved the colorful pom pom garland.

My sister in law is on the left. She looked great. She works for months on her party and it really shows.

Hubby and I all set in our day of the dead makeup and costumes.
You can see the rest of the party decor here.
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  1. ... how wonderful Elaine...
    You and your husband look great... as does your SiL...
    I love the decorations and festive garlands everywhere.
    The first photo of the post that shows all the Holy Pictures is beautiful....
    Hugs and Blessings ... Barb xxx

  2. This looks great!
    and so do You and your hubby!
    ...i mean for day of the dead, you look pretty good. ;)

  3. Looked like a fun party! What great decorations! You and hubby looked awesome too!
    XO Kris

  4. So nice my Mexican friend dose that to they celebrated El Dia de Los muerto is a Mexican tradition you and HB look so nice
    Good job

  5. What a fun theme for her party and I bet the food was delicious too!

  6. I love that she did everything with such a creative flair {stylishness and originality}.

  7. Any real dead ancestors photos? :)