Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kitchen Quick Tip - The Easiest Way to Clean Your Refrigerator

Our kitchen quick tip - Easiest Way To Clean Your Refrigerator is how I clean my refrigerator all year long and since I have cleaning ADD, I have the easiest tip to clean the largest appliance we own.

So last week I shared my tips for organizing and simplifying your Thanksgiving meal but before you head to to the grocery store, how about getting the refrigerator cleaned up and sparkling to hold all your groceries and that TURKEY!.

Now, to me, taking apart the entire refrigerator and having to clean the whole thing, is just overwhelming so what I like to do is to speed clean the refrigerator a little at a time. That's right, a few minutes here and there and your fridge is always clean.

Easiest Way To Clean Your Refrigerator

1. Every morning when I do the dishes for say a week or so, I will pull out a shelf and one shelf from the door as well.

2. Wash the glass shelf and door shelf and then take the hot soapy rag and wipe down those areas in the refrigerator and dry. I do this about once a month and that way it is never seems to be a daunting task and is the best way to clean the refrigerator which seems to stay more organized and clean than waiting till it is a mess and tackling the whole thing at one time.

I will use this method with the freezer too but less often as it does not seem to get as messy as often as the refrigerator section.

So by adding just a few minutes at the end of morning dishes, I keep my refrigerator clean and that is this week's kitchen quick tip. Check out our quick tip series.


  1. That is a great organization and cleaning tip...but I was hoping it would be something like, 'give your refrigerator a pill and check back in the morning.' I see there is still work involved. LOL I'm cleaning my refrigerator tomorrow. Anything still lurking at the back in those little plastic, cheap boxes will be thrown out. I think your method is something I should adopt. It's like flossing your teeth. It takes a while to make it a habit, but once it's a habit, it's no big deal at all. (I can't fall asleep if I've forgotten to floss.) :-)

  2. Good tip, thank you...I do a few little jobs everyday too, which only take minutes, but, then reduce a mammoth once a week job :)

  3. Good tip - I need to start doing that. Thanks!

  4. I love this- thank you! I cannot face an entire messy fridge....but I can do one shelf at a time! You know....perhaps I can do my pantry this way, too? Hmmm. Thank you for sharing this with us at Treasure Box Tuesday- pinned to inspire me!! :)