Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Puppies

Yes, I said puppies. After the puppy that passed in December, we knew we wanted to find a new one after the holidays. I found a puppy that needed a home this week and after bringing it home one afternoon, was told in no uncertain terms to go back and get the sister. Our hearts are big after loosing our Pip, so between the six of us there are lots of arms to hold our new pups.

We are closing in on names but my family has a hard time agreeing on such things. They are 11 weeks, both girls and are part Chihuahua and Dachshund from what I was told. They are off to the vet today for wellness checks and to avoid in anyway what we went through with the last puppy. Not familiar with Dachshund puppies, but we already have one Chihuahua who thinks we are insane.


  1. Just catching up on my blog reading. They are adorable and yes, you are insane!

  2. They are precious and will have fun growing up together.

  3. Yes Patty!! Insanity is my middle name lol!! It was Dean and Maddy that MADE me get the second one.

  4. I love dachshunds. They are my favorite dog. I have one now and he's my second one.

    Names..... Kris and Kringle. :-)

    Best of luck!!

  5. Ah! so cute...
    we were LITTERED in December...
    no one dropped them off. Instead the Momma was dropped off last year, but wouldn't come around so we could get her to the shelter or find a home. (she's not a people dog) Anyway...after her puppies got up and around...they followed her here. :/
    There were 7 ...but 2 followed her off..and didn't come back. I'm thinking maybe a neighbor has them. We have five!!!!
    I keep repeating...DO.NOT.NAME. THEM. yeah, I know insane.

  6. So precious! We have a 51/2 month old Morkie & my husband has been talking about getting a 2nd one. There are just two of us & we each have a lap. :)

  7. Awwww, adorable! Doxies are wonderful. We've had several in the past (but currently have a beagle and a poodle.

    To be honest, dachshunds are very stubborn and can be very difficult to potty train. But your girls are a mix so that will hopefully make it easier to train them.

    But doxies are delightfully fun and very clever and your family will love them, I imagine. Have fun!