Thursday, January 15, 2015

Organizing the Bathroom

Organizing the bathroom. Not a fun topic I grant you, but one that must be tackled in a particular bathroom in our home that is shared primarily but us five females. This bathroom gets heavy traffic and has become, I will admit, rather scary when you open the bathroom cabinets and drawers.

When you take all our hair products, my makeup, hair brushes and accessories and throw in the five million feet of cords attached to all the hair styling devices that are under the sink, you get the chaos that I cannot stand and that seriously needs tackling.

I went searching for inspiration before I buy anything to tackle the bathroom organizing that is high on my to do list.

This open shelf concept is pretty, but I will say would not last a day in that bathroom. However, I have enjoyed this picture.

Now this idea is genius and I think using the doors for additional storage is one idea I am going to implement for sure. The magnetic knife strip works perfectly to hold all the clippers and metal hair clips.

Convincing my husband to screw anything to the doors would be impossible so I think I will have to use something that sticks. That will limit me to light weight storage.

Maybe I could convince him that it would work on the wider parts of the trim around the door frame like this one. I also like the toilet paper corralled in a basket. We use a lot of the stuff so remaining stocked up is vital.

One thing I know for sure I will do, is use containers labeled like these to hold different categories in the cupboards. One for first aid is great for all the ace bandages and large things you don't use often. 

I could add another free standing cabinet but I really believe in less is more. Simplify life with less so a thorough purging of what is not being used or has expired and then organizing the bathroom items by category and type in like containers that are labeled, is going to be my plan of action. I will share once the task is completed. Stay tuned.

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  1. I love all these ideas! Now if I just had room for storage in this tiny bathroom. (Your photos look fantastic, Elaine.)

  2. I love the idea of the knife strip on the door for the metal stuff. I'm always being asked 'where are the nail scissors?' etc. However, I understand your husband's reluctance to screw anything into a door. I will have to stick things too. xx

  3. The ideas here are wonderful! I love how everything is color-coordinated. It makes it look so fresh. You'll feel better once it's done, and it'll make your day go smoother. Enjoy!

  4. Great ideas Elaine. I go through and discard expired meds and organize messy areas a couple times a year in the bathroom. We have one bathroom and it has to be all things to all people. When we redid the bath a couple years ago we used an old buffet from craigslist for the vanity, removed doors that covered shelves and I used baskets to corral hair styling implements, hand towels, wash cloths, and various beauty items. It was the best thing I ever did. Now when I need something I pull out the basket and when I'm finished whatever I used gets put away immediately and goes on the shelf.It keeps everything so much neater!

  5. Great ideas - looking forward to the reveal . . .

  6. That is one of my organizing to-do projects too - my bathroom. I can't imagine all the "stuff" you have in the bathroom with 5 women in the house!

  7. I put a lot of our extra first aid stuff, etc. out into our hall linen closet. When we remodeled our main bathroom we got an Ikea cabinet because of the huge amount of storage in it. Awesome! Maybe some of the girls could have a small tote in their bedrooms?

  8. ... I Like your storage ideas Elaine....baskets on shelving is always good...
    Hugs ... Barb xx