Monday, February 2, 2015

Garden Gnome Village

The Gnomes that live in our garden have been busy sprucing their gnome garden village. Christmas brought a few new additions and even a new resident garden gnome.

Our weather has been spring like so the gnomes are working hard preparing their gardens for spring.

Of all the gnome statues I love this guy the most. He welcomes you to the village.

We finally found the perfect fairy door for the gnomes. I had a hard time finding one to fit the pot turned house. It fits perfectly.

I see some tracks in the moss so our garden gnomes are busy bees doing chores and pulling weeds. I hope we do not see another visit from the skunk that wreaked havoc in here last year.
Garden pests are always in the garden these days. I believe it is the prolonged drought. 

There are so many fairy garden supplies out there these days that the possibilities are endless. We have used a lot of what we already had on hand to create our gnome village.

Below is a door very similar to ours. I found mine on Amazon. The gnomes have been collected over the years mainly as gifts for my hubby as this is his little project.

You can find more of our gnome garden in this video:


  1. So cute! I love these little garden things and noticed that Joanns has a new display with all kinds of fairy and gnome decorations.

  2. It's adorable! Love your gnomes. Busy little fellows.

  3. VERY cute Elaine! They have been working hard and it looks lovely! xox