Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Coffee Tips, Recipes and More

If there is a close second to my love of chickens then it must be coffee and I have a few coffee tips, recipes and more. I blog a lot about my love of coffee. I think I am addicted. Here are some of my favorites in all things coffee.

Remember when everyone was setting up a coffee bar? Well, I knew I had to have a cute defined space for mine. It has moved a few times but in my kitchen it had to be a small compact coffee bar with color of course and by that I mean RED so our coffee meets bagel time would be cuter. Don't tell hubby.

small coffee bar, vintage kitchen

Hard water deposits and even bacteria can gather in your coffee makers so regular cleaning is essential. I show how I use nontoxic household kitchen items to  clean you coffee maker or Keurig.

how to clean your coffee maker, coffee sign

We are too cheap to visit Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (my favorite) or Starbucks very often so I love to find ways to fancy up our coffee time at home. Some favorite ways to dress up those coffee beans:

how to make coffee foam

Simple DIY coffee foam takes just a minute and you already have the tools in your kitchen. I promise.

Or how about our frugal version of white chocolate peppermint mocha latte.

homemade peppermint mocha

And though this recipe has no coffee in it whatsoever, I think coffee creamer ties it in. These are a Saturday morning favorite of caramel macchiato pancakes.

caramel macchiato pancakes

I believe the only recipe I am missing is a coffee cake recipe. I better get on that.

These are our favorite coffee pods and I love that they come in a little mesh bag and not a plastic cup. They come out to only .31 per cup if you have them on subscribe and save like we do. We get a case a month. If you do subscribe and save it is actually $41.65 per month.


  1. We are big coffee lovers here too. I am excited about giving Keurigcoffee another try. Now I'm off to see how you do your coffee foam.
    XO Kris

  2. I have always thought your coffee station was adorable, and I love all the color. We drink coffee all day long, so having all the coffee making things in one area really makes a lot of sense. Thanks for all the delicious tips:>)

  3. Another reason why I love your blog. We share a love of coffee! Great post!
    Pinning now!

    ~Lisa M

  4. I've found several K cup types at our local grocery outlet, great deals! $5.00 for Seattle's Best and others. We also grind our own bean and use a stainless steel k cup basket (teas too). I follow the directions for the Keurig, just use vinegar, works great. We have a yellow one too, and I always use a tray underneath too, catches the drips...

  5. I think we could be besties! :) I have a coffee station in my office! :)

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!