Thursday, February 5, 2015

Potting Bench Ideas

This time of year I am in the garden daily. I rush through my chores indoors or ignore them all together and head out to garden to plant seeds, fill pots and tinker in the soil. Planning, plotting the promise of fresh garden produce.

I am dreaming of a real potting bench with sink attached. Not the small ugly plastic one I currently have but one that I can gaze upon and enjoy. Decorated for the seasons and attractive enough to photograph and share. But mostly, it needs to function because I am a gardener and like to have things where I can find them and handy at hand. 

I have ideas in my head and hope hubby is on board for I have potting bench plans.
My mother in law has said I could have her lovely teak potting bench. When?


This potting bench is a great upcycle and with all the old furniture in our garage this is a great idea for a potting bench with storage for all your tools and seeds.

An indoor potting bench is great if you have a garden shed. Keeps everything out of the elements and if you live where weather is bad you can still get in there and garden while it is raining outdoors.

What a great dual purpose potting bench you can use for serving at outdoor parties.

But seriously look at THIS POTTING BENCH! This spoke to me, no it screamed at me. Elaine you must have a potting bench with this farmhouse flair. I adore everything in this picture down to the chicken feed sign. This will for sure go on my Pinterest potting bench board.

I already have the galvanized cans and old rusty garden tools hanging up out back. It is my therapy to play in the soil, my true garden healing.

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  1. Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  2. Well, you know mine became a coffee bar! (Your post looks great!)

  3. I'd love to have one of these!
    On the north side of my house...near the water hose... and Oooo! a sink would be great... with a gravel landing stand and no weeds...and good run off... and counter height for easy access and no stooping, and a place for everything...
    I hope your hubby is on board with what your dreaming up... I hope mine is onboard too...
    When I get to it. ;)

  4. Oh yes, a potting shed is such a luxury. That electric green one is adorable! Hope you get your bench made in time to enjoy some sowing! I hope you'll share your outdoor posts on The Maple Hill Hop each Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend!