Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Week In The Garden And Coop

Spring has rapidly turned to summer here in Southern California. Warm to hot temps have begun. March to April is the most beautiful in the garden here.

Our nasturtiums are huge this year. They have swallowed up our gnome garden.

garden gnome in the nasturtiums

I have mentioned that I planted along the Arizona planting schedule this year as our temps have for sure warmed over the last few years. This sweet 100 and champion tomato plant is amazing. Along with my compost tea, the warm temperatures have made them grow like mad. I already have tomatoes that are baseball sized. I have a feeling I will pick tomatoes in April this year.

early spring tomato in Southern California

In areas where the soil is too compacted for planting I have tucked pots with different types of zucchini which I do yearly.

mosaic garden sign

rusty garden girl

Isn't nature the amazing artist? I love the feather pattern on my dark brahma bantam hen. The girls are laying daily.

dark brahma bantam hen


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! For us here in Ontario the spring arrived but it has lazy feet so far. It will be another 1.5 months before I can plant my tomato babies in the garden soil. Today we have barely climbed above freezing. Enjoy your garden! :)

  2. Your garden is amazing Elaine. Nasturtiums are one of myfavorite flowers and yours are so beautiful. Tomatoes in April? Lucky you:)

  3. Love your hens and your garden. You are so lucky to be out in the garden much of the year!

  4. Beautiful photos. Your flowers are just gorgeous. That is a gorgeous chicken - amazing colors and feathers.

    Can't believe you already have tomatoes - I got my plants yesterday but was warned not to plant them for at least another week.

    Oh well, at least the sun is shining.


  5. Wow, those nasturtiums are amazing! And that hen is so pretty. I just love having chickens and fresh eggs. We will be getting some chicks soon as we lost several chickens to a coyote last fall:(
    Have a great week and have fun gardening!

  6. We are feeling the temps of summer as well, except for a rare cool front that came through this weekend, giving us fall temps in the 50's at night. Mother Nature is all over the place!

    Your tomatoes look fantastic! Do you add anything special to them (coffeegrounds, eggshells, etc.)?

    I think I need to get some nasturtiums. I forget how lovely they are.

    You're invited to share this wonderful garden post on Tuesday's Maple Hill Hop!


  7. I haven't visited in a while, but your garden, chickens and all that green makes me crave summertime!! It's slowly warming up here in Kentucky, but nothing like there. I always love to see what's going on at your place:)

  8. Your hens are so pretty and you have a wonderful green thumb! xox

  9. .. Hi Elaine ... I love Nasturtiums they always make me smile.... and I love your chook.. she's gorgeous.......
    Hugs... Barb xxx