Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You'll Find Me In The Garden

Hi, this is me working in the garden in pearls and heels no less. More like in old clothes slopped with dirt and mud.

I find the garden consumes most of my time these days as I try to cram as much in my yard as I can until the summer heat drives me indoors.

I love to post quick pictures of the garden on social media. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram under Sunnysimplelife. Come by, say hi and see what's growing in the garden. We are officially on egg watch with the new chickens and picked our first tomato yesterday.


  1. Ha! Love those vintage images. Enjoy your spring garden. We are also trying to get as much playin' in the dirt before summer hits full on. ;0)

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  3. Such a cute vintage image this is! Have fun in your spring gardening!

  4. Hilarious post ! Soo true! Up to my ears in dirt and mud! Ha! Just put my new baby girls out in there new coop! They are trying to get use to it! They are eating and drinking inside but not venturing out to there run yet! Well , Happy gardening! It will be worth it in a few short months! Love to watch the garden grow! Take care!