Friday, May 29, 2015

Garden Quick Tip - Easiest Way to Harvest Zucchini

It's almost summer, so I think it is time to take our Quick Tip Series outside. Today... the easiest way to harvest zucchini and other vegetables from the garden.

easiest way to harvest zucchini and other squash - garden quick tip series

This time of year I need to peruse the garden daily and harvest vegetables that are ready to be picked. A quick tip - keep an old steak knife or other small knife outside with your garden tools so you can harvest easily without breaking the stem off of the squash.

Often you can twist them but sometimes the top of the squash will break off and then they do not last as long. The stem of the zucchini or other squash helps keep them fresh longer. So I like to keep my little knife handy in my harvest basket to easily reach in and cut the stem. This works great for picking cucumbers and other vine grown produce.

And remember so many of the vegetables are easy to grow in containers. That is where the one above is growing.


  1. Yeah, I think that's a great tip! Hopefully I'll be using it sometime this summer after my zucchini is planted (this week!) :-)

  2. This is a good tip since I like to pick zucchini when they are small

  3. Were still very wet-- saw y'all are getting triple digit temps!
    Anyway, I have blooms on all the squash, zucchini and crooked neck. The CUKES and cantaloupe have blooms too.
    I'll have to remember this tip when I got to harvest. Not sure when that will be!
    Yours look great!

  4. Great tip, Elaine! Sheesh, I've been breaking them OFF the stem every time. Go figure. I need them to last longer in the fridge, so I'm going to do it this way from now on. Thanks for sharing!

    Kristi @ Stone Family Farmstead

  5. Thanks for the tip! This is the first year I've grown zucchini (that didn't immediately die a painful death). I just grew one plant in a container and used some scissors when I thought they were done. I like your idea better. Thanks!

    Jesse @ Reliable Roots

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