Monday, June 1, 2015

Little Garden In The Big City

I garden in our little garden in the big city because I love every aspect of it. The planning, the soil, the work. It is one of life's greatest joys. Though I live not far from Los Angeles and there isn't a farm anywhere around me, we manage to eat a lot of fresh picked organic produce almost daily because of our little garden.

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Below is a snapshot of what I picked in one day this week from our urban garden. That does not even show the vegetables I harvested throughout the week. With a little planning and changes in your existing garden beds, you can start growing food crops that will feed your family the freshest organic produce you can find. The nutrients that you are getting when you eat something just minutes from picking, is optimum nutrition,

little garden in the big city, urban farm, homegrown, what you can grow in a city garden, this week's harvest

Our whole yard has not been turned over to rows of fruit and veggies, though I would love that, but by enriching the soil with lots of organic compost from our chickens, our soil allows for densely planted garden beds that produce abundantly. Planting this way saves on water as the soil is shaded by all growth and cuts down on weeds.

I never till our soil. If an area needs a little loosening I will do that as I mix in compost but now after years of good organic soil amending, I just plant. The roots of my plants are longer than ever. They grow deep reaching for water and nutrients deep down in the soil. This reduces the need for water.

little garden in the big city, urban farm, homegrown, what you can grow in a city garden, garden decor

I want to inspire you to start tucking some food crops into your existing garden. Get some compost, plant some FOOD, and see how good it feels to tend your little bit of land, or even a collection of pots on a balcony. I grow lots of what you see in containers. With proper care, this is a great alternative if you don't have a yard or have less than perfect soil conditions.

little garden in the big city, urban farm, homegrown, what you can grow in a city garden, butterfly in garden

 When you till the soil, you tend to your soul. There really is something about that. Go organic and you will see your yard abundant will life. We see so many butterflies and bees in our yard every day and this is when they keep saying there is a shortage of both. Not in our garden.

Our chickens can nibble freely, as I do not use any pesticides. My daughter often picks fruit and veggies and eats them right there cause that is what her momma does. There might be a little dirt but we wipe it off and eat as we harvest. Our food is safe and fresh and I know where it came from.
So from my little garden in the bit city, here is hoping you get your hands dirty real soon. You won't be sorry.

city chickens, urban chickens, little garden in the big city, urban farm, homegrown, what you can grow in a city garden

If you have any questions or a topic about gardening you would like to know more about, please feel free to leave it in the comments section and I will address it for you.
Updated: We no longer keep backyard chickens and you can read our story here.


  1. Amazing! I want to come by for a tour this week. Let me know when.

  2. That looks just wonderful! My peas are up about 5 inches and the tomatoes and peppers were planted last night. LOL The veggies look amazing, and of course that wonderful chicken!

  3. I agree, there is just something about growing your own that makes it taste better, whether it is because you can choose the best varieties or because the food can actually ripen properly before harvest, it is the best way to eat. When our girls were growing up we never had a hard time getting them to eat vegetables because when they help grow them they can't wait to taste them!

  4. Good for you! Your veges look great! We have a huge garden on our new farm! I would like to know how you plant your carrots and what type of carrots do you use? We put the garden in last year and I think we way overcrowded our carrots! Yours look fantastic! Great job! Thanks,Cindy

  5. Amen to that! I also feel that gardening feeds your soul as well as our tummies and it is a great lesson for children on all sorts of things. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You have done wonders with your garden plot Elaine-- and I love growing our own food. We have four acres... and your lot makes our acreage appear wasted! I was such a slacker this year. We FINALLY don't have terrible grasshoppers everywhere--because of all the rain. BUT I was so late getting it all planted.
    You look adorable in your hat! ;)

  7. I have always enjoyed visiting your garden and this is no exception! :)

  8. Very impressive! You are such a hard worker and are reaping great rewards. When we were younger and had just purchased a house, we would try to put in a garden each year. Unfortunately we have clay soil. We would try to till in compost and sand to loosen the soil, faithfully plant seedlings and seeds, water and weed. But once the sun got hot in July it would be like pulling weeds out of cement. Now we plant a few tomatoes in planters and are fortunate that our town sponsors a farm market every Saturday. It is amazing what you are accomplishing in your garden!

  9. Having your own little garden is the best thing in the world :)
    So happy for you!
    Hope you will share some of your gardening posts with Idea Box:


  10. The Little Garden in the Big City photo in this post is priceless. It says so much about you. I just love it.