Monday, July 20, 2015

Decorating Cozy Corners

Tucked in a corner off of our kitchen is my favorite corner of the house. Here are hubby's tips on decorating cozy corners. Now don't tell him that is what I am calling his decor. Shoot, he won't mind even if you did.

prim, rustic, farmhouse decor

Over the weekend we bought a new punched tin lamp and some prim stacked nesting boxes. I have always loved stacked boxes. But enough that, now onto the hubby's tips:

1. Pick a couple unifying colors. Here we use mustard and black. Though we have a green couch in here and touches of red, it all works because of the base colors sprinkled throughout. (sprinkled is my word, not his)

punched tin lamp

2. Mix up textures. Wood, metal, soft, rough, etc. But grouping like collections is always better and make a nice statement.

3. Mix sizes, and decorate in threes. Odd numbers look better in decorating.

4. Leave some blank spaces for the eyes to rest. You can fill a space but leave the table below less cluttered. You don't want to have to spend forever dusting nick knacks. Don't be afraid to tuck things away in a closet. We do this all the time. We rotate stuff given what look we are going for at the time.

5. Lastly, adhere to the advice on the sign at my favorite shop,
Your husband called and said, buy whatever you want.

All decorating by Mr. SunnySimpleLife


  1. Love your cozy corner! Black and mustard are 2 of my favorite colors together!

  2. I love cozy corners in a home and yours is just that! Those stacked boxes are really adorable. I have a set of Christmas ones:) Ejoy your pretty space!

  3. This is a cozy corner and decorated so charming-love stacked boxes!
    Have a great Tuesday,

  4. *giggles* Mr. Sunny Simple Life is too, too cute! Great tips!

  5. I've loved seeing Mr.Sunny's decor touches. You're pretty fortunate that he enjoys doing this...and takes charge. I know a few men that are the same way. I used to think it's odd...but no longer.
    He's got some pretty nice tips too! Sharing them so freely is appreciated. I need to take better notes, especially the part about leaving space on the table...less dusting, blah-blah-blah part! ;)
    Guilty as charged!

  6. Love those stacked boxes! And I agree about having empty space to give the eyes a rest! Enjoyed the post. :-)

  7. I get a kick out of your husband decorating...mine is the total opposite. If I even ask his opinion on something relating to does something look, does he like this or that, anything to do with color or pattern, he always replies, "Who do I look like, Christopher Lowell?!" Now, I'm not sure why he picks Christopher Lowell (remember that decorator?) out of all the male decorators, but anyway, it's funny. Love those stacking boxes.