Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Tips and Tricks To Beat The Heat And Save Money

We are in the dog days of summer. Here are few summer tips and tricks to help deal with the summer heat.

And from the web some of my favorite tips and tricks for summer:

What is cuter than this? How to keep bugs out of your drink while enjoying the great outdoors from

And from Pinterest I spied this tip cause what is summer without watermelon EVERYDAY!


  1. Watermelon, yum. These are useful tips.

  2. All great ideas! I'm trying to beat the heat by staying inside.

  3. Do you have a link for the laundry room picture? I'm interested in reading that!
    The *save/electric bill POST... one of my all time favorites that you have EVER DONE!
    I still practice turning the fans off when we leave the room. except where the window A/C is...
    Now... I am wondering about the freezer, though. I moved it to the Mud room (not air conditioned) however, I am trying to keep my kitchen cool-ER it seemed only reasonable to move it out, with the compressor pumping hot air into an already hot kitchen (no a/c) So now, I'm wondering if I'm saving by having it in the mudroom?
    I sold the dryer and put it there. I am happy to have the extra space in the kitchen, though and my kitchen is cooler this year.
    Hope you have a link for the beach bags... if not I can pretty much get the idea with the picture! (thought you might have some laundry room tips too)