Monday, August 24, 2015

How To Clean Mini Blind Cords

I am going to share how to clean mini blind cords. In my kitchen I have wood mini blinds and I already shared how to clean wood blinds but this technique works great with cleaning metal mini blinds too.

Now that the blinds are clean, we need to clean the cords and I will share how I clean the mini blind cords without removing them from the wall.

For this cleaning job you will need:
Very hot tap water
A large jar or plastic bag
Clean rags

Take a half cup of your Oxiclean and dissolve in hot water in your large container. My blinds like you see above are in the kitchen window so I used a tall glass container. Set up the jar so the cords can soak at least an hour in the Oxiclean. Keep checking for whitening. When they are clean, just take a very damp cloth and wipe down and clean off excess Oxiclean and let them air dry.

Now for my blinds that were hanging near the kitchen table, I used a large freezer bag and put the cords in the hot solution to soak, sealed the bag and then my hubby wrapped it around with a zip tie to secure the bag to the cord so it could hang there and soak.

If you are cleaning your mini blinds and need to remove them because it is in an area you do not want to risk getting wet, take the blinds down and then just let the cords soak in the hot solution until clean. You can clean the blinds while the cord is soaking too.

This technique cleans the white cords and makes them look new again. I do this about once a year and clean my blinds at the same time.