Friday, November 27, 2015

Easy Way To Make Foaming Hand Soap Yourself

I have an easy way to make foaming hand soap yourself. I love the way foaming hand soap lathers up so nicely but I hate having to buy the expensive bottles of hand soap for my two bathrooms and the kitchen just to wash it down the drain.

Making your own two ingredient foaming hand soap is so simple and will save you lots of money.

Trying to be more frugal in new ways is always a goal in our house. One more way to save money is to make my own foaming hand soap and refill the dispensers I already have. And you will love this, it only takes two ingredients.

How To Make Your Own Foaming Hand soap

Take your bottle and fill about 1/4 with body wash. Fill the rest with warm water and gently shake to mix and you are ready and have this:

This works great! You can customize making your own hand soap by buying organic body wash, whatever you like. Watch for deals and use coupons to make this frugal hand soap. Some may ask why I don't try making my own hand soap from scratch. I tried a hand soap recipe using castile soap and I do not like the oily residue castile soap leaves on my sinks. Find this the easiest way to save big on hand soap. You can visit our frugal tips page to find homemade recipes for cleaning supplies and more.

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