Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Preparations

We are deep in Thanksgiving preparations around here. Thanksgiving shopping has been done and today baking and more sprucing of the house. I have a true fear of the grocery store crowds on Thanksgiving week. Does anyone else have anxiety about crowds and long lines and grumpy people in a rush?  So for probably the last 20 years, I do my shopping early in the morning on Monday. Just me and the folks stocking the shelves.
Thanksgiving poem, Thanksgiving quote
 But before the family comes and I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels. Usually we are just our own little family, but since Elle Cottage sold, I am hosting the entire family plus many of their friends so we are almost 20 last count.
vintage Thanksgiving picture
Normally I set a nice table with all the china but this year I am going rebel style. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought pretty paper plates and napkins. I know for some of you that is unthinkable and to my mother in law it would be too, but honestly I am giving myself permission to make Thanksgiving as simple and easy as possible. I do not want to see a huge stack of dirty dishes and silverware that has to be hand washed. The girls could do it but I want us all to be finished and able to enjoy company. So easy is trumping style this year.
turkey brine recipe, grilling a turkey
My brother in law will deliver a fresh turkey today and tomorrow it will go into our apple cranberry turkey brine. We barbecue our Thanksgiving turkey. Hubby does it beautifully and this year I will photograph how he butterflies the big bird and grills it to perfection. Grilling the turkey frees up my 60 year old oven for the ham and the smokey goodness he achieves using apple chips is amazing. We will never go back. Grilling makes the best turkey I have ever had.
barbecue turkey, grilling a turkey
So from my home to yours and especially this year with the heavy news we are all hearing lately around the world, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Prayers for safety and that our very important men and women who work to keep the public safe, are able to do so. Enjoy your family and friends and may your table be overflowing with good food and good company.


  1. The same right back to you, dear one!

    I love your vintage cards you shared - so pretty!

    I admire you making it simpler this year - your priorities are right.

    Enjoy your time with loved ones! God bless!

  2. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving Day! There's nothing wrong with plastic plates. Just ask for a show of hands when it comes to those who want to do dishes. :-) Have a wonderful day!