Thursday, January 21, 2016

Know When To Hire A Professional

Keep Things Simple: Know When to Hire a Professional

Frugal habits can add an important degree of satisfaction to your life, especially when incorporated along with other simple living practices. From saving money on groceries to do-it-yourself beauty, gardening, and cleaning tips, you’ll find that cutting out unnecessary purchases are as important as ridding the home of clutter. There are some areas of home care, however, where financial skimping is not advised.

Heating and Cooling Systems Are Complex

Your HVAC system is one of those areas. Heating and cooling appliances are complex and easy to damage when you don’t know what you’re doing. You might be tempted to ask your friend for some help with the A/C or take a look at the heater yourself, but you could wind up paying much more in the long run. If you aren’t sure that you’ll save money by hiring a professional, take a look at some of the following facts:

Professionals Are Trained and Certified

They know what they’re doing. When you work with experienced professionals, the technicians have earned the certification and training necessary to conduct repairs safely. The components inside these appliances often contain hazardous chemicals. DIY shortcuts can lead to fire hazards and the risk of carbon monoxide. Professionals receive on-going training and education to prevent injuries and to decrease the potential for risk.

Local Codes and Regulations

Did you know that your community may have specific guidelines governing the equipment and methods used to conduct heating and cooling repairs? The relevant codes and permit information may change from time to time. Professionals have access to this information, but you may not. Additionally, contractors who conduct repairs improperly can be held responsible if something goes wrong. If you do the repairs, you may have a fight with your insurance provider on your hands when issues arise.

Fast, Efficient Service

It’s also important to consider the comfort of your family. Proper maintenance and top-quality repairs are necessary to maintain an efficiently-running machine. When parts fail or your appliances give in to wear and tear, professional attention can get your family back to their typical routine as quickly as possible with only minimal discomfort.

The Right Tools and Equipment

Experts in the heating and cooling industry understand the best ways to arrive at the right the solution. It’s unlikely that these professionals will see an issue that they haven’t seen multiple times. As a result, they usually have the right equipment and tools on hand to complete the job quickly and accurately the first time.

Keep It Simple, Sweetie

If you’re truly hoping to simplify your life, you need to know when to hire a trained professional and when DIY efforts are appropriate. There’s a good chance that even a well-stocked home repair shed doesn’t have the type of equipment to conduct appropriate repairs on your heating and cooling system. By trying to do this yourself, you risk your family’s safety, the well-being of your home, and the welfare of your checkbook. Keep things simple and hire a professional for any tasks that are outside of your skill set.

To add to this, the one thing I do do religiously is to change our air conditioner/heating units filter every month. If we have not used the ac/heater, I may wait, but because we have three dogs and two cats, I feel it is prudent to keep a clean filter to help keep our indoor air as dust free as I can and to help our unit run more efficiently.
When our hardware store puts the filters on sale, I will buy 3-4 at a time. Our current unit is over 20 years old and proper maintenance has helped keep it in good working order.

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  1. Steve and I definitely know our limits and hire people to do things right the first time.