Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine Cookies Recipe

Nothing says love more than heart shaped cookies and our Valentine cookies recipe is sure to be a hit.
If you are looking for a Valentine treat idea for your loves, these Valentine cut out cookies are perfect.

heart cut out cookies, Valentines day

When you bake some Valentine cookies, you are saying I love you and my Mom's best sugar cookie cutout recipe is the perfect soft, not too sweet cookie that rolls out nice and firm. I like my Valentine cutouts nice and thick. Don't bake them too long just until slightly golden brown.

I always bake my cookies on parchment paper now. It just makes for the perfect even baking and the cookies never stick to the cookie sheet. So worth the cost and then you just toss and put your cookie sheets away with no washing.

cookies on parchment

These cookies hold up nicely and are ready for decorating those Valentine cookies with royal icing.
I like to use powdered sugar with milk and just a dash of vanilla. To me that is the perfect royal icing recipe.

heart sugar cookies

Check out my tips on how to store cookie cutters.


  1. It's so much fun to make these! When our five year old grandson was out a week ago, we also made Valentine cookies. It's a fun project and yummy and cheery! Isn't that a great combination!

  2. I just re-organized my entire pantry and found all sorts of Valentine's hearts cupcake papers and sprinkles and such - been considering doing some baking for neighbors and family, I think you just made my decision! : - )

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Have a wonderful week of love! ♥♥♥

  3. Yummy! I could go for a few of these and a nice cup of tea right about now!!

  4. perfect idea for baking with my granddaughter this week. Thanks!

  5. These cookies are perfect! I am making them now for Valentine's and my husband has already eaten five of them! This will be my sugar cookie recipe from now on. Only thing I didn't do according to direction was the thickness of the dough. It said roll them out to 1/2 inch which I knew would be too thick for my husband's taste. He likes them thin and crispier. I like them thicker.