Sunday, April 3, 2016

Menu Plan Sunday - Cooking Ahead To Save Time

Now begins my busy months of April and May so I will be cooking ahead to save time. I drive for my daughter's drumline competitions so I will be gone every weekend but one this month. Make ahead meals are a necessity so we avoid eating fast food.
meal planning, cooking ahead

Cooking Ahead To Save Time

Sunday: Large crock pot of spaghetti sauce is brewing. I needed to use some canned tomatoes before they expire so we will have spaghetti and salad with some clearance cheese bread I picked up at the market.

Monday: Crock pot shepherd's pie since I am helping my daughter finish moving. Fresh fruit salad.

Tuesday: Leftovers from Sunday and Monday.

Wednesday: Dinner with in-laws

Thursday: Shredded chicken tacos. Crock pot shredded chicken will serve us two nights. Simple Spanish Rice

Friday: Big bowl of creamy tuna mac salad will be made today for today and tomorrow when I am away. Cheesy squash with the first squash from the garden.

Saturday: Tuna mac and cut up fruit and veggies with homemade Ranch dressing dip.

tuna macaroni salad

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