Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review of Coleman Propane Coffee Maker

Good coffee while camping is a MUST! Here's a review of the Coleman Quikpot Propane Coffee Maker, my new purchase of the best camping gear for this year. 

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Hubby and I love our pot of coffee every morning when we are camping. We have tried all ways of making camp coffee from a press to percolator and pour over coffee but we were never happy with either how little was made, how long it took and could we keep it hot.

Finally, I found the solution. I love the new coffee maker I bought. The Coleman Quick pot coffee maker runs off of the small propane bottles. With a quick little click of the automatic starter, your pot will start perking and in about the same time as our coffee maker at home we had a nice, hot pot of delicious coffee for our camping breakfast.

The Pros:

Easy to set up
Easy dial for one click starting and then for and several keep hot settings
Easy to clean
Makes great coffee

The Cons:

A bit more bulky than other options
You do have to add the water in the holding area twice for a full pot but it is very simple
Care should be taken with glass carafe though a metal option is available and I may get one eventually
Moderately priced

emergency supplies, prepping, camping

My Conclusions on the Coleman Quikpot propane coffee maker:

Was it worth the $60 - $70 price? YES! I loved how I could set the coffee maker up and for the week we were camping it only used the one small bottle of propane. It made great coffee and then you can switch it to a warm setting keeping the coffee hot which was important to me.

I did go ahead and order the coleman propane coffee maker carrying case to protect my investment. This might seem expensive to some to make coffee but we camp a lot and I also consider this a great addition to our emergency prep supplies as in the case of power outages, I could easily set this up on our patio and make great hot coffee at home. We keep a supply of propane bottles on hand for emergency cooking on our propane stove.

I did set this up on a folding card table and was worried about the heat of it on the bottom but it did not affect the table at all.

The Coleman Coffee maker makes great coffee that would go perfectly with my easy campfire donut recipe.

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  1. My hubby loves french press coffee and we found an indestructible one for camping and works great with boiling water. Tent camping makes for small items but that looks great for a trailer.

  2. I love it when I learn new things. Today - I learned there is actually such a thing as "propane coffee maker". Who knew? Glad you are enjoying it!